Building wall next to building deletes building


Adding a wall to an already-built building deletes said building.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build buildings. In my case, they are the two template ‘towers’. Walls are built between them and the cliff with no problems:

  2. Build a wall between the two template buildings:

  3. Viola. One of the buildings is deleted, leaving a hole in the ground. I assume it’s due to the wall and building becoming ‘one’, yet doesn’t happen with the other walls:

Expected Results:

A nice wall between two buildings.

Actual Results:

A nice hole in the ground, lost resources and more work for the little guys.

Version Number and Mods in use:


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I can second this…
I went to add on some more walls and it removed all my old walls and floors, the entire building im trying to connect to… but strangely it left the lanterns. it removed/deleted all the walls floors and the doors