Story path idea: kobold village (random idea ramble)

Kobold village
idea info: after completing the township quest a kobold will run to your town it will be none hostile and have a list of demands, these being for you to give them 400 food or be attacked. IF you do not give them the food they will attack and a few days later another group will arive and try the same thing, this continues until you either A get a message that one of their leaders is coming do to your refusal to submit or B give in and give the food.

If you give the food they will actually thank you and set up a village. at this point the game can go two ways unlike goblins which will be hostile nomater what the kobolds can actually become a good ally in trade generally trading craft supplies and unique weapons for food, and it is allways food apparently they can’t farm worth a coin.

The village:

stage one: set up
info: similar to goblin camps, but only set up after you give into their demands and give them 400 food. (which they will send workers to pick up)

what you can do: at this stage you could have either A blocked them and refused the demands, B give in but attack to get loot, or C leave them be doing C leads to them eventually setting up stage 2.

stage 1.5
info: this stage is the combat path (all .5’s will be this) in this stage instead of a demand the player will be attacked by 4 archers and 2 ogres followed by a message saying that that attack was a warning. As you are obviously no friend to them a larger force will be on their way and you must either let them loot or defend your self. (a none choice) this stage leads to 2.5

stage two: kobold camp
info: this will happen slowly after a few days a few “houses” will apear around their camp site and they will start cutting down trees and mining. also a new kobold comes in the lizardfolk villager.

lizardfolk villager
idea base: stonehearth_lizard
info: acts similar to hearthlings but for the kobolds unlike player hearthlings which can have any job these guys just farm, build, mine, and gather resources from trade.

player interactions on stage two
a few days after the houses pop up a messenger comes and gives a request (not a demand) for more food, this time they ask for it is a gift. the player can refuse 3 times before the kobolds become hostile, doing so brings you back to stage 1.5.

if the player gives the food they will be thanked and actually given one of the lizardfolk as an ambassador (they can only have worker, mason, blacksmith, and engineer jobs) this leads to stage three.

stage two point five
info: after stage 1.5 the player will see the kobolds setting up raiding camps unlike goblin ones these have turnup launchers and traps defending them so rush the threat at your discretion.

stage plays out: the player is tasked with wiping out 3 camps that pop up at different times these camps if not destroyed spawn attack waves every 2 days until destroyed. the attack waves have a few new units to them as well.

kobold fire raider
info: a kobold with a weapon called a flame pipe, this weapon is more or less just blacksmith billows connected to a tube with a fire source inside (think primitive flamethrower) it is short range and in combat doesn’t do much damage but it will panic all but the highest willed gaurds. archers can take them down easily.
AI note: kobold fire raiders are unique in they will try to get your gaurds to flee first instead of trying to kill once they are not under direct attack they will make a bee line towards your farms, farm animals, and any wooden storage of which they will burn. a single burst will destroy 6 crops in front of them do half health damage to all farm animals except poyos which die instantly but dropped cooked food. if they make it to lighter storage areas they will burn it destroying any wooden or food items. these guys are not here to steal but instead to cripple. they are a threat so protect your farms. that said a good stone fence with a gate can block their attacks for long enough that even a level one foot man wiht low will can counter them.
(sorry for the long winded bit on this most the enemy suggestions will be this)

kobold underminer
info: only spawns if they can not find paths to your crops and town flag, underminers will dig tunnels under your walls and if you are in a cave through your walls if they are natural.
AI: these guys are more or less miners programmed to tunnel in a specific way, they have 2 attacks though a base pickaxe attack which doesn’t do much damage and a door destroying attack where they put some sort of explosive on the ground light it and run. (takes 2 uses to blow up even the weakest doors)

Once the raids start you might want to put in good defenses ASAP.

STAGE THREE: kobold town

info: if you where helpful during the other two stages the third demand coming from the kobolds will not be a demand but instead a trade offer 400 food, for 100 stone, 100 wood, and a random set of unique buildings gifted from them (generally 2-6 items heavily favoring trap like defenses for your engineers to set up)

player interactions
once it hits this stage the player can not go back to hostile with the kobolds though they will end up fighting rival groups in stage 4 so combat will not be removed completely.

in this stage the player will get several requests and you are free to accept or deny them at your whim. with every request accepted the kobold town will grow, gaining citizens and defenders. after about the fifth one the player will get a note thanking them and a gift in the form of weapons and armor that can not be gained any other way.

stage 4/3.5: ORC warcry

in this stage a large orc warcamp is set up an even distance between your town and the kobold generally in between the two as to intercept any trade (prevents trade events).

3.5 it is still set up but not between the two and it has a larger force as well you angered teh kobolds.

in these stages the player must build up their forces (which most players should have a good one at this point anyway) to take on the warcamp. be warned it is not a camp you can take in just one attack in fact once you get 2/3s the way through destroying it or injure the leader he will pop a blue potion found in the camp and all hostiles will go invisible and flee. (you have to do this 3 times before they flee for good)

at this stage the player and the allied village will be attacked every few days. your allies can handle pretty much anything the orcs throw at them. though both you and the kobolds will have to face underminers, and raiders as well as most orc and goblin units. taking out this warbase is the final step in this story line as once it is out the kobolds will thank you (if they are alive)

from this point on the kobolds will act as an ocasional trade partner like the merchants only their trade offers cost food instead of gold, not only that but they can give several unique items generally in the form of weapons and armors.

example of items for trade

dragon scale armor
level: 7
info: not really made of dragon scales, this scale mail armor is designed in such a way that the user is nearly imune to melee attacks.
used by knights, and archers.
trade cost: 500 food per (Rarely have in trade)

explosive arrows five pack
info: these arrows explode when they hit a target.
used by: archers, engineer defenses
info: limited an archer can only carry one at level 3 and 4 at level 6.
trade cost: 10 food per pack of 5 (they tend to only have 2 packs per trade)

wheat moss bed
info: while not as fancy as a good bed wheat moss beds are favored by herbalists when they need to heal people for some reason just sleeping in these beds naturally heals the user and seems to grant them an energy boost. to bad that they are unconfortible.
trade cost: 200 food per (they tend to have only one or two)

bone mining ax
info: made from orc bone this pic ax can mine the ground at 4x the rate of a normal one.
trade cost: 100 food
note: can not be used by workers can only be used by classes that can mine and are level 3 and up of their job.

riding lizard
info: its a large horse sized lizard, knights will love these things if they are not scared by them.
trade cost: 800 food. (rare)
note: when bought will wonder towards your town flag once it gets there will find the nearest farm with pumpkins/watermelons and start eating. a knight or archer may claim it as a pet. a knight that claims a mount will swap to spear weapons using them for a bit of range archers will have a range boost and movement speed boost as well as will keep out of enemy range more often.

yeah this idea is hitting a ramble at this point.

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To be honest, this was so long I just skimmed it. Some of it sounds good.

Good luck getting the Dev’s to spend the next 8 months trying to implement it. This is a HUGE amount of code.

But if they Dev’s are going to go down this road, Dev’s, Please, I beg of you, use Smurfs instead! :rofl: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue:

Same here :jubilant: Might have helped with some illustrations?

Well for what i read, it sounds like a fun thing to have in the game, but it sounds more like a modded feature than anything?
If you begin to mod this yourself, i will defently follow your progress! :merry:

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there is a file somewhere in this, and that is the extent of what I can understand modding wise. can’t figure out how to put things in but voxel models thoughs I know.

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