Kobolds, and vampires, and dragons oh my?


Greetings everyone,

I’m a little new here but I but I’ve been reading a bunch of different forum topics and have kept an eye on this game since 3 months ago.

Was thinking it’d be nice to have a good variety of monsters. Both for combat purposes as well as aesthetics, or even potentially resources (different bones, weapons, etc.). Though I know that this team already has a long to-do list, and something like this wouldn’t easily fit onto that list, it’s worth a shot.

Why not have kobold raids including or in substitution of a goblin raid. From what I understand goblins tend to attack in groups, where kobolds are a bit more sly and are also a bit more tactical in their approach. Kobolds could also take refuge in caves or abandoned houses, as opposed to a camp in the forest.

Also, a more highly intelligent creature, whom could actually infiltrate your town once in a blue moon, could prove very challenging and fun. I suppose vampires are the easiest excuse. Only infiltrating at night, appears as an ordinary townsfolk, walks around looking for unprotected housing and striking at the right moment. Maybe instead of garlic, the way to ward them off would be locked doors, crosses (or other wooden charms) and a steady night-watch for the town.

To top it off, having a both intelligent and viscous creature, like those bosses (the troll, etc.), you could have a dragon too. This creature would only come at the apex of your development. Perhaps when your town is nearing city size, a dragon would appear at a nearby mountain. Giving the player only a few days to prepare for the massive onslaught, before the winged monster swoops into town burning everything to smouldering dust.

Well tell me what you guys think for either just a mod or a potential final game release implementation. Or if this is even worthy at all.

Apologies for my lengthy post, probably not the best way to make an introduction. But I hope my ideas could provide some insight for variety. I’ve played Timber & Stone, Gnomoria, and other games similar, and always having only goblins strike first is a bit bland. Although I realize there are mods for dragons and such, perhaps it’d be a great way to add to the final build.

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