Storehouse Managers and Merchants

Alright, so when the game starts and its almost like every man for himself. What if instead you have person who manages stockpiles, e.g. A manager has a building full of almost all the crafting supplies, a crafter must come up to him every 7 days (or when ever he runs out of a material) and collect some, this could be the same in the way food is distributed (a villager walks up to the stand collects his food and walks away). The villagers must come up to collect their food, in turn they need time (In this way you can have a reason a villager works in a certain time frame 8 am-6 pm) to collect their stuff making sure you can’t overwork them (you can tell your over working them when no one is coming to the storehouse). A storehouse manager might upgrade to a merchant and be able to settle deals with passing travelers and your own population (this becomes important when you get a city and currency). This would also add a hustle and bustle too your .town. They could even make it so that villagers who have more than they need might sell it at a kiosk (placed by player) in their free time. Having this manager would also make it more efficient and faster giving/transporting supplies.
EDIT-Alright I just thought about this in the shower and the manager can upgrade to either a merchant, or a leader ( people look up to the responsible for help, so a leader would still manage but he will also let you know more about any problems sooner than normal). A leader can then upgrade to either a general or a mayor ( a general will allow to purchase merks and will handle militaristic things, while a mayor can handle large purchases with other settlements and taxes). A merchant can either upgrade to a caravan or a entrepreneur, a caravan will allow you to send your supplies on a journey, the caravan will come back with gold ( and sometimes an artifact) while a entrepreneur will allow you to directly buy and sell with other villagers ( other towns ) on a small scale ( allowing for more weird/rare buys). This means villagers can find things that they don’t tell you about that you can trade with them for. Just adding a storehouse manager can open so many new options!

If you have a manager like this, I’d recommend that there is some huge benefit for dedicating a member of the village to that task and make “levels” mean something.

For example, having a dedicated manager could provide raw materials for the crafting guys more efficiently than ordinary laborers. They might be able to deliver two logs at once or two blocks of stone. They can also stack materials up multiple levels (in either the raw material stacks for individual crafters or the main storehouse), thus making the storage areas more efficient in terms of capacity.

A storehouse manager might also be able to give you an interface that would allow you to set up logistical routes for deliveries over much longer distances… such as sending materials from the main village to an outpost or new colony set much further away.

I agree that I like the movement in town that moving materials would provide, and having dedicated “logistical experts” for moving those materials could be a legitimate trade. BTW, I like the idea of having a storehouse manager be in the development tree to becoming a trader.

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Thanks, I think it might be able to add something that might be lacking if all the villagers zerg rush the supplies when they are hungry, I also like what you said about the bonuses of having a manager (sense they are a manager they can stack materials more effectively).