Putting Desks and Dressers into use (Manager / Management Class suggestions)

First of all, I’m taking these already existing suggestions under consideration and expand them:

My Basic Issue: Desks and Dressers are only decorative right now and don’t fulfill any purpose… And I don’t like that

Idea (for Desks): New Management level at the end of all lines of profession. A manager of Farmers and Cooks, a Manager of the Potter (who could be the merchant, see second link), a manager for all Carpenters and so on. They could do (at least) two things:

  • Improve the efficiecy of every Hearthling in the line of profession (maybe 20%, so you need at least 5 other in this line of profession for him to be usefull… which makes it more late-game content)
  • Shedule production of secondary Items (say, I want an item made of bronze, he would shedule the production of the other metals that are needed for the bronze as well as the production of the bronze). The catch is: he would only do it during his working hours, which could be longer depending on his level of proficiency.

What he needs: a desk assigned to him and maybe a golden pen or so…

Idea (for Dresser): The clothes, which give bonuses on attributes, could get dirty over time (we talking days) and had to be changed and then cleaned. So every hearthling needs a personal dresser with a certain inventory capacity for spare cloths with the same abilities. Resulting in this could be one new line of profession with two new Professions:

  • A Staffer or servant who is in charge of washing the clothes of all hearthlings (needing water supplies and maybe soap produced by him or other professions)
  • A Quartermaster, who is supposed to be the manager of the staffers (see first Idea) and gives the decribed bonuses. Also he could assign beds and rooms and so forth automatically to hearthlings (i know, the assignment of such stuff is not implemented, but I’m kinda sure at some point you would do that anyway).

The beauty of the ideas/Conclusion: It makes the game easier in means of micromanagement but only for those employing the provided professions. So, who ever wants keeping all these jobs by himself, could do so in not employing the managers.

Let me know what you think of the idea. Greetz

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I always thought that there should only be a single “official” role, but instead of being a key figure in a complex trade chain it would be for a few simple ceremonial functions, as well as unlocking more advanced building blueprints as your town progresses. I suppose it really depends on how big towns will be able to get further on down the line.

Furniture is fine as simple eye candy/town value increasers, especially if eventually we get some more idle/interaction animations.

What do you think of by ceremonial functions?

Things like certain days being a holiday with a small ceremony, and a buff for Hearthlings that day. Or if trade caravans make it physically into the game he can deal with them. Other than bigger and grander prebuilt blueprints being locked away until specific requirements are met (for people who want to play Stonehearth more like a city builder game without custom designing each building) I don’t really see what other gameplay elements would be “locked” to having a mayor/manager role, without feeling forced.

well, a governmental representative can make things possible that an acutal one does… implementing politics (see cities skyline), identify lacks in the commuity (streets, food supplies, etc.) or make agreements (with other trader, incresing their appereance rate).

All such could be implemented as suggested originally. You, as a player, get access to suggestions, statistics, agreements as so forth by implementing a major. Players who don’t want or need it, don’t implement him. On the other hand, giving the access to these tools step by step through appointing certain people in positions doesn’t confuse players by an (as we see it right now) still incresing complexity of the game itself…