Storage and convenience

Hey, i would like to suggest a few things regarding storage containers.

A: allow us to set container priorities.
B: allow us to set profession permissions (for instance lets say i havea farm and an inn, i have 2 farmers 1 cook and a few workers (as well as other hearthlings)
I would like to be able to place some containers by the farm, where the farmers would place their produce, then others by the inn, where workers who were not busy with other tasks would pick up the food from the farmers storage and move it to the inn, so the chef doens’t have to walk all the way to the farm every time they wish to cook something :wink:

C: allow us to set specific contents for containers (like wheat or turnips or watermelons etc…)

just ideas for when you get time to put them in :slight_smile:


linking in another storage/stockpile related topics together. More related to point C from above, though there is some mention of priority as well : here

One addition idea wrt point B from above. How about allowing containers to be “linked” (similar concept in DF, but impl prob different). I.e. allow containers/stockpiles to additionally specify optional “source” containers/stockpiles. The idea is to try to move things from the source to the current linked containers whenever possible (and this is only done by hearthlings with Hauling enabled). So say a cook (assume hauling is off), will still fetch stuff it needs for cooking, and possibly store the result in nearest storage, he will not take on a job that moves things from one storage to another. That way, we can do the following:

  1. Put storage A near kitchen, set for “cooked food”.
  2. Put storage B near dining area, set for “cooked food”.
  3. Link storage B to A as source.

the expected behavior is that the cook will always place cooked food in storage A if there is space. And if B has space, and A is not empty, some haulers will bulk move stuff from A to B (and making more space in A for the cook). In the event that both A and B are filled, the cook should just drop the cooked food on the ground anyway.

Note: the above has no priority involved yet.

Hmm. I don’t know if we should have separate priorities for storing and removing stuff… together with “linking” idea from above, it could allow a rather advanced inventory flow management.

EDIT: additional idea, for a “link”, also allow min/max options on when the link hauling should take place. This will allow more advanced stuff like “Move stuff from storage A to B if A have at least 10 items and B has at most 20 items”… Defaults to “unconditional”

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Hi, i wold like to see some improvement on stockpiles.

A demand-tab in the ui for the stockpile, that list whats available in other piles, so you can demand food up to the mountain, and vice versa. Would also be good for new building, create a new stockpile and demand all build material before start building.

Maybe a lowest goods setting to, if it go under the amount-setting for a specific gods, the workers fill it up if its available.

Interesting. Something like a stockpile transfer system?

Such a system could allow for stockpile ‘maintain’ orders too… Something like "always keep at least X food items in this stockpile. Of course, to do that, the UI would have to allow the player to weight the various orders like you do in the crafter queues today.

Not a trivial feature, but I certainly can see the value in it.

A possible user story here is: “I want to ensure that my archers, who are ordered to defend my rooftops, always have food available in the chest I placed near their position. Today, simply allowing food to be stored there does not guarantee anything will actually be stored there.”


linking related post.

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Thanks, I’ve merged this in.

It could also open up for some transporter-class with bigger capacity, that only transport between pile-stocks (donkeys, rail-carts, ships on the lake).