Stop playing - game need improvement

i stop playing this game for a while… in this past year i see the great improvement but you need to fill hole in the gameplay.
1 - why i have manualy kill the poyo and other animal ?
–> add a job for auto butcher the poyo or add this to the shepherd
2 - need to improve the way there guy build …
–> can you simply build one lvl after one lvl ?
–> example see how the guy build a simple wall with a block at 1 move from the left ? --> so many ladder for only 1 block…
see try to build this :
3 - why for place a single block, 2-3 or 4 guy try to do the same … --> need to rewrite the management of all task so one task for only one guy.
4 - why when a guy do a task when is time to eat, the guy release the item ! --> before launch a new task (eat for example), the guy need to drop the item in a good place (the chest etc…)
5 - add more item for crafter…, add more ennemy and variety
6 - add more defense item. in the end game i have orc invasion 1 to 3 time per day…(the engineer is useless with only 4 turrel et few trapp)
–> add more damage for the turrel.
–> add more sight distance. One ennemi archer can kill one turrel. the turrel cant shoot - no ennemi in sight.
7 - remove the ‘fine’ item or add the link on a normal item and fine item
–> if you place a fine item in a template, you need to wait a fine item so you need to create many item before…
–> I see in a previous post a good idea for this when a guy it 10 000.
8 - add the auto assign bed when a guy need bed for minimize the micro managment.
9 - when a ennemi destroy item (door), can you add the same item in the task of the crafter ? (i need to set =1 in the job of crafter (carpenter))
10 - why when a guy see ennemi, i jve my report but my army dont have this information ? i need to set my party go to combat… (micro managment)
11 - add the possibility to change a item in a building. (ex : remove a fine door for a normal door)
12 - when i contruct a template build, i need to acces of all item i can create (mod and other) I dont want need to have 1 item in my inventory before placind this one in my house.) You can place many same item for only one in the inventory so why i need to create one before ?
13 - It is possible for poyo do not sing ? (the sound is very loudly for the effect sound and the moutain’s Windchime is too weak)
14 - Can you add a random min - max for all tree ? When i plant a tree i dont want all tree have the same height.

i add more opinion when it is popup in my mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

ha here : a cleric healing a poyo (bug ? )



  1. The manual harvesting of shepherd animals can be tedious. I know we’ve had at least one thread on this Auto-butcher When Pasture Full

  2. They’re currently reworking the building tools, and part of what was discussed will solve a lot of these issues. Stonehearth Dev Stream 267: Chris Continues to Conquer Building

  3. I get this one a lot too. If I decide to build a 1 x 2 wall even after the first one has finished the building, other hearthlings that were assigned still run up and give it a smack. I can understand why the system does this, you want something done so it assigns enough folks to make sure it gets done in good time. Problem is once the task is done it doesn’t cancel the order to the other hearthlings assigned to the same task.

  4. On the fence about this one. If the hearthling was going to say build something or place an item and my chest is in the opposite direction then the hearthling returning the wood/stone/clay to the chest before going to eat would actually take MORE time than just dropping the item closer to where it needed to be used. I definitely think they should drop items upon job change.

  5. I understand we all want more content, but we’re still in Alpha. They’re working on rebuilding some of the core systems, crafting is one of them. There will be more items and enemies added, just a matter of being patient. :merry:

  6. A fully leveled Engineer gets 8 turrets, I usually keep an engineer for each main entrance/exit to my towns and I don’t even lay traps. Enemies running into your city, under fire from 8 turrets, don’t last long even on hard mode. Anytime an archer has been able to hit my turrets, the turrets are able to fire back, but that’s with the level 3 turrets. The turnip shooter has a shorter range, they should definitely be replaced when you’re able to.

  7. Upgrade option for trade skills is a great idea.

8-10. On your list are micro-management issues. Personally I don’t find them to be a problem, this isn’t a game that just runs on auto. The door issue in particular is better the way it is, in my opinion. If I maintain 1 door in my inventory, then the door is already built and just needs to be picked up and replaced without having to wait for my crafter to gather the materials and then build the door. Speed can be crucial when replacing doors that serve a purpose for defense.
11-12. These issues should be fixed when the new building tool gets implemented.
13. Heh, yeah this one cracks me up. I personally love how the windchime works. If you’re scrolled out you don’t hear it, but if ya zoom in closer to it you can. The shepherd animals should be similar. The distance/volume of the effect should definitely be bigger than the windchimes, but could stand to be tuned down from its current state.
14. I LOVE this idea, then some of us wouldn’t have to resort to using console commands to teleport trees in from other parts of the map.

Your clerics are just making sure that poor starving poyo manages to make it till your shepherd brings em some food. They’re very compassionate those clerics. :jubilant:

None of what I posted was meant as a critique of any of your ideas. Just tried to provide some links and other insights. You do have some great ideas here, and bring up some issues that can be frustrating.


Seems like a good list on some of the current issues in the game. Hopefully we dont have to wait to long for the team to work through them :merry:


just for the record you can control the size of trees by putting blocks around the base of them.


One idea that comes to my mind is to make multiple/different adult tree models, that when deployed/planted, the game will pick randomly. At least that’s what I did with my assassin armor :smiley:.(Everytime they wear the armor, It looks different each hearthling)

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Yea, come to think of it those are some issues, that I never really noticed, but now that I am aware, I don’t know how I feel…
Also, I like how some of these problems are layed out too, especially the one of the building blocks over cliffs

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Do ya mean like this?

Yeah with the current system ya have to be careful if you don’t want your hearthlings building all kinds of scaffolding. I have lockable doors keeping them from going out so they won’t do that. Just gotta figure out how you want it and keep in mind they have to be able to reach it to build it since they don’t have access from the other side. This wall was 2 voxels deep (just 1 voxel hangin’ over the cliff edge) so to avoid having to manually place a bunch of ladders I’d have to make sure I build the outter edges first and then the inside layer. Also corners can’t be connected if you’re wanting to spare yourself the hassle. One side needs to be built all the way to the outer edge, then the other side can be connected.

The yellow part is reachable if they manage to build that first, but if someone comes along and smacks the blue blocks into place I’d have to build ladders to get to it.

If I build the blue wall first in this example and after it’s built connect the yellow wall they can reach everything without needing the outside scaffolding or manual ladders.

Aaaaaaand all that goes out the window if they have access to the other side or when you build actual buildings cause ya can’t plan the order they build in lol.

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Psyduck you’re a GENIUS!

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