Improvements that will make the game a lot better!


I’ve been playing this game for awhile and I think it’s a very fun and addicting game. Even though, I get extremely frustruated at the moments it kicks me out of the game onto my desktop every ten or so minutes, I still play it like crazy. I know this game is still in Alpha, but here are my suggestions.

-Less animal pelts earned through hunting (Or more uses for them)
-Hunters/Trappers can automatically try to hunt down animals if they see one or if they’re done checking the traps
-What are pets for? (useless and consumes food)
-Select Guard/Footman to patrol certain areas
-Select Villager/Worker to move to a certain place
-Improve Custom building/template
-Goblins needa be fixed (seen lots of post about this)
-How do I build a castle? What are stones for?
-Maybe a defense mechanism or something related to tower defense
-Fix trader/caravan/traveler taking forever to come or never
-Improve AI (Probably going to be in update I guess)
-Fix Floating objects
-Let fences connect to a wall/housing/hill (also gates are very glitchy)
-Allow fencing to be done by highlighting an area to fence (much faster)
-More Mobs (In update probably)
-Random mobs moving around explored places (hostile/not)
-More skins? (I only see White/African people and a mod isn’t going to do)
-Harder mode? Or make people consume more food and thirst? (water wells)
-Heroes/Specials like the ones on the loading screen
-Lower graphics options for lower spec pc’s (more people can play, Yay!)
-Random Huge Raids on the town (depending on how far you are in the game)
-Lakes/Rivers will make a major hit on the game (fishing?)

-And this one is probably impossible, but what if you can play your guards and fight the goblins yourself?

Some of these suggestions probably might come in through the updates, but so far the game is alright. Just a little too easy, I might add.


I might consider making a tutorial using the current Alpha for anyone who’s interested. It’ll likely be about a week and a half before my schedule reopens, though. In the meantime, I would recommend looking at the Multi-Story Buildings thread to learn about making larger structures.


Thank You! That really helped out a lot!

As much as I want to see these features, you also have to put into consideration that the development team are only human (for all we know they could be robots slowly taking over the galaxy). They can’t crank away all of their time on this game. Could we possibly see these features in a later date? Possibly when the game is out of alpha and heads into beta we’ll see more and more features being added. For right now though they just want some of the core game mechanics in the game before adding in new features.

I would suggest just passing the time while they continue to work on the game. In the meantime enjoy the Alpha. =)

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Yas I see what you’re trying to say and what I meant is for future updates, sorry for my bad english.

Yeah @Vuex I believe almost all the aforementioned ideas have been confirmed that they will be added later.

This one in particular caught my eye, its not impossible rather it isn’t the angle Team Radiant seems to going for. There has a been a lot of discussion about this already on the discourse. (I don’t know how to put links to topics, so I can’t bring examples.)

This is an awesome idea, I don’t think it has been discussed before.

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this has indeed been discussed in one form or another a few times, and I absolutely agree this would make adding fences to our settlements much simpler! :+1:


1 - I think that’s been done every single alpha, and it will probably be done in many of the alphas to come.
2 - Fences sometimes can be placed next to a wall or cliffside, but the other times they’ll do that thing where they move up until they have room to fit. We should always be able to put fences against blocks without them moving up, or never be able to put fences against blocks. (Gates are annoying. They randomly open and close and have let countless goblins into my city.)
3 - At the least, being able to use fences like wall loops would be nice. I’ve personally built walls instead of fences because it’s so much easier. Placing every fence myself feels a bit on the micro-managing side.

Soldier control is still being discussed but i am quite sure patrol zones/routes is confirmed to come out in some way or another.

That would count as the type of micromanagement the team isn’t so happy about (Also it has been tried with the trapper and it didn’t fit the game)

Water mechanics will come but they are going to become quite advanced and is therefore set to be later in development.

(Also every time you say “fix” in the suggestion you recognizes it as a bug and it is mostly against game breaking/irritating stuff, this is just filling up the list and makes it harder to overlook the real suggestion)

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So I’m guessing what you all are trying to say is that some of these will come when the updates are here and some are worked on.

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Yup though i think that these:

Are new and quite interesting :slight_smile:

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Aigh! Thnx I agree. More action pact into the game

Yes, this was rather disappointing, but it makes sense. They have confirmed plans for a future game in which you control a single character.

Yes, this would be amazing.