Stop Construction Bug

Sometimes when I create custom buildings, the people stop in the middle of building when it turns to night, instead of going back to work, they sit idly. Now I have 2 people sitting at the top of a 3 story building doing nothing and starving. Also I do have PLENTY of resources at their disposal, I just have no idea why they won’t continue building. Also this is in peaceful mode if that changes anything.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build anything I guess in custom.
  2. See if they never go back to building after nightfall or even if they do stop building after night begins.

Expected Results:
Continuous building

Actual Results:
Stopped Building



Version Number and Mods in use:
Release 707; 0

System Information:
Shouldn’t worry about my computer

IMPORTANT NOTE: Nothing to do with nightfall or time. I guess they didn’t build the stair case and so they had stopped completely. Oddly, they didn’t use the ladders that they had placed before to finish the floor’s construction. I had to create an entirely new stair case so they could continue building and the 2 people wouldn’t be stuck anymore, which worked.

Yes, if they are 2 blocks higher than the ladder/stairs, you’ll need to build a ladder to rescue them.
We’re working on revamping the building editor, which should address the major reachability and usability problems.

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