Stonehhearth working windows 10

STONEHEARTH working windows 10 ???

Works just fine for me! Running latest version 2611 without issue.

Edit: Hey @8BitCrab, this needs a category… I am thinking gameplay?


As someone who switched from Windows 7 x64 to Windows 10 x64 it works fine however for me rerolling stuff at New Game start has become slower.


hey there @Enes_Okur, welcome to the discourse :smile:

sure, gameplay sounds good to me…


Win10 runs everything a bit slower but works just fine. Win10 is basically a small lobotomy for your computer so things like stat rolling and map generation at the outset are slower, loading is slower, etc…but isn’t the tiled start-menu pretty!!! :smiley:

just wondering, are you guys running through compatibility mode?

Unless it switched automatically I haven’t changed it to compatibility mode. They may have automated that though. I’ll rummage through the properties when i get home and see of there is anything noted

Nope just running it through Steam.

Mine appears to be running without comp. mode as well

thanks for the feedback guys :smile:

i was just wondering because other people have had it SH crash unless it was run in comp. mode

No prob…I may try running it in comp mode to see if it speeds up again lol

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i was actually going to suggest that, but i got lost in other thoughts… which may have been about food… :eyes:

Just to add my build here, no compatability mode for me either. I did use compatibility mode (and run as administrator) back on Alpha 10, but Alpha 11 fixed the launch issues for me so I disabled them.

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