Game playable? not for me

So i’ve seen most of people actually can play the game but unfortunatelly its impossible for me. I can’t play more than 1 hour and game engine crashes, bugs and so on.

Note: I have windows 10, would that be the primary reason? Otherwise i’ll just have to wait untill a more stable release…not cool

Game works fine for me atm…
I’m using Windows 7 Pro and actually playing for hours without errors is possible, well sometimes it crashes after some minutes and sometimes you can play a long time without any problem…I’m sorry i don’t know if it is the operating system which causes them in your case

Compatibility issues are quite possible. As a work-around you can try playing in compatibility mode:


this may indeed be partially to blame, as I don’t think we’ve had much feedback on performance on this OS…

paging @not_owen_wilson @sdee

For the record, I’ve been using windows 10 for a number of months with no issues running Stonehearth, or anything come to think of it.


Tried that, thats how i managed to start the game, otherwise i can’t even start it.

Thats a bummer, what should i do now? What built are you using? Have you updated meanwhile?Via STEAM or direct download?

I’m using the unstable branch on steam.

The next time it crashes you should post your stonehearth.log here so we can take a look at it… or rather we can ask Albert to. He knows everything!