Stonehearthlers doesnt find paths

First of all, i love this game so much <3 please dont stop your work in any way :smiley:

My biggest problem atm is-> Ive played now for nearly 50 days ingame time and was attacked often enough by Goblins and zombies so ive decided to get Steel from wall behind my little castle.
The minions doenst interest for it for a while until a made a tower-gate over 3 floors to the next layer.
They mined it out but let the ressources lay where they was and never touched them again.

  • short: they didnt renew any stockpile nearby the castle (maybe 30 blocks distance?)
    -items/ressources they are to far away from any stockpile will also not triggered.
    -ive made a normal house and built it near a wall, they didnt built it to the end cause one block from the wall hangs into the roof, after removing the house, i got over 20 errors in 1 second and cant play the savegame again. I thought it was error from the scaffords with 0 variable or something…

Think thats all for now <.<

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sometimes make a temp storage zone near it, then wipe the zone once they put everything in it so they pick it up again and move it to another zone (I know your reporting a ‘bug’ but you can use this as a temp solution sometimes or use the loot command).

Yep thats a point. It works for a short time but not for big projects… atm ive got 23 hearthlings and only 2 are working where i want them. I tried to send them out with the town defend mode and the flag.
Hope that the DEV`s will find out the problem and solve that. :smiley:

the game only seems to handle so much data…so once your town gets very big and you have hearthlings they tend to do less and less…take a moment to enjoy your creation. then start over :slight_smile: