Stonehearth unstable build updated to 129

New build! Cool stuffs!

The Goods:

-Lua is now minified instead of being compiled.

-We’ve enabled JIT compiling of Lua, resulting in a massive speed increase for CPU heavy tasks like map generation, loading, and pathfinding

-Enhancements to the character sheet, showing stats and equipment. Access the character sheet by clicking the banner icons on the citizen management screen.

-Lots of misc bug fixes


I feel like giving moral to individual people will give the game a bit too much micro management, it will just be too much to cope with if you have 100 people in your city and have to make each one of them happy in their own little way. Just a thought

Uh, extreme bug. Keeps me from playing and loading.

Freezes the game and removes the UI.

Ok, we just a pushed a build that should fix this. Close Steam to update.


I just had a goblin attack, made all my villagers defend. After successfully killing the thing, I clicked the stop defense button and they still had the defensive animations and did not do anything else. I curiously tried making a crafter craft at which point they did, but everyone else stood still. The game then crashed without warning.

Edit: Reloading to the save, the same thing did not happen again.

I love… loooveeeeeeeeee all the new stats for the villagers. This is great! I for one am a huge fan of individual morale. I don’t find it to be very micromanage-y as it seems like the morale is based on general things.

Have lots of different good foods… protect them, and give them a house. Seems fine to me. :smile:

Edit: Also… are the goblin thieves smaller now? They seem so little!

nice! weekend update? :+1:

can’t wait to take a look at the character sheets… :running:

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Got hit by 4 armed goblins on about day 3 or 4…

They didn’t expect my mountain man trapper to be such a BOSS.

Three goblins vs him alone and he hardly took a scratch. Held em off no problem until his buddies could arrive!

I’d say the uber goblin problem has been fixed. :smiley:

Edit: That’s him at the top of the screen. I think he blocked most of the attacks with his beard.


I think it must fall under the “Spirit” category in his character sheet.

–Manly Spirit.


"There once was a little boy… From birth his parents knew he was special.

He Didn’t Saunter the way of others. He spent his days enacting that of his heroes…

Paul Bunyun! Grizzly Adams! and Jesus!

As He grew up he saw that the world was lost and broken. And it lacked one thing… Facial hair!

And so he became…"

[size=25]Beard Man![/size] (Cue Super Man-esque theme song)

Ehem, uh… Sorry about that, that prologue was from a skit some friends of mine did, couldn’t possibly resist. :stuck_out_tongue:


Official folk song of all bearded guardians, everywhere.

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