[Dev Blog] Progress! Stonehearth latest Branch Updated to release-240



right before me :smiley: awesome!

Update to path finding :slight_smile: woot

hmmm, loading saves when you are already in a game seem to crash my game this save. Loading from the main menu does not. (Same save file)

The game should not longer hiccup when building roads or mining.

All of my YES!

(shhhh, you’re not supposed to know about water yet)


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Pathfinding improvement, mining improvement, shepherd demotion bug fix… I think I’m gonna take a SH break soon!!

So…back to square one with my Chateau?

Aw… at least I remember it so I can redo it with the improved engine. If anything, I can hopefully make the end product even grander than what I was anticipating previously.

That’s actually something that’s been sort of an ongoing problem–I’ve had issues with it myself in the past (and I believe a thread was already created on the Discourse here). Until the save mechanic gets looked over again, just expect you’ll likely have to restart the game for the time being. Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon, but at least it doesn’t seem too game-breaking of an issue (like the zombie-worker bug has been).

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Just started playing, and already I’ve noticed it’s a LOT smoother. I’m loving this already. Great Job guys!

Well i actually managed to import a save from r230-233 and get it working without issues. So you might wanna try that before starting from scratch xD

Why does my computer have to be in pieces and my office in shambles when the major stability patch comes out! Why?!?!?!?! Hahaha looking forward to playing with the fixes! Maybe I can get my LP back on the steam branch! Thanks Radiant for your AMAZING work! You guys are DA BOMB!