Stonehearth Roadmap

Awesome looking roadmap is now available on the website.

Check it out here:


Neat I really like that approach.

Edit: Although what blasphemy is this in the “Buildings” section!

Polygonal, non-square floorplans


yea i saw that a couple days ago looked pretty cool

im surprised this roadmap hasnt sparked more conversation… there is a wealth of information in there (granted, most of which we’re aware of, but lots of confirmations for things as well)…

and im curious about the acronym SHED under engine and tech…

  • Stonehearth Engineering Design
  • Stonehearth Entertainment Diorama
  • Stonehearth Erectil … nope, let’s just assume its not that one…

Wait this game isn’t called Shedhearth? :scream: I thought it was all about sheds. . . :laughing:


Stonehearth Engineering Deployment?

Oh boy, can’t wait for the next patch!

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When I read all the things on the road map, and saw all of the confirmations, I got super excited all over again, Stonehearth has been amazing at holding my attention.
But seriously, what the hell does that mean?

Edit: Although what blasphemy is this in the “Buildings” section!

Polygonal, non-square floorplans

which part are you questioning… the blasphemy, or the non-square floorplans?

“Polygonal” simply means “series of lines that create a shape”. It can have as many edges (and sides) as you please. This also means that triangles, squares, rectangles and hexagons are all polygons for example.

What this means is that you can build structures as fancy as you please. You can build a doge palace if you want to.

Correct. You can have as many angles in your floorplan as you like, as long as all of those angles are 90 degress.


he’s here all week folks… don’t forget to tip your waiters…


Would it be possible to allow other angles as well or is this something that is unchangeably set in stone?

It’s early, not much is set is stone. We want to start with the 90 degree limit and see how it feels.

What is set in stone is that the world is voxelized. So if we do allow non-90 degree walls, they will be rasterized along the world’s voxel-grid. No super-smooth 45 degree angle walls.


And what if I dared to bring up the dreaded… shudders… 360 degree walls? You know, the ones with the continuous… shudders again… curves?

Then we would have to take you out back and turn you into glue.

Job done.


Wait, but glue forms round puddles, too!

NO! We can’t get away, they’re EVERYWHERE!!!

I’m sorry, what was that?

terribly sorry … say again?

hmm, nope… can’t say as I’m familiar with that term…

try down the hall in “Advanced Engineering of Non-Square Things”…


With regards to the roadmap, will there be some kind of live progress update or tracking stats that reflect the future builds and patches?

the roadmap is intended to represent a high level snapshot of priorities for the team… it will probably get updated as more significant clients are released…

and as with any development roadmap, those priorities can shift as needed… :wink: