Sneak Peek, Non Square Floorplans!

Tony has been hard at work implementing non-square floorplans. Here’s a snapshot of a large, complicated building under construction. We’re getting there bit by bit people!

Proper coloring hasn’t been implemented for the floor yet, which is why it’s all black.


It’s… it’s beautiful! I cannot imagine what scheming I can do with non-square floors, hehehe…

I love seeing a citizen walking on the black stuff, it’d be like they’d be sinking in tar! :smile:

(Also, @SteveAdamo, first! :P)

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This is what i am waiting for. Now all i need is to design a nice Gothic style cathedral. and the ability to make multiple tower like structures off the main building.


Keep at it! I’m certain that I don’t just speak for myself when I say that this is an exciting development!


Nice! Exactly what I need to properly start playing the game :slight_smile:


well done, my son… well done… :wink:

looks brilliant! but just to clarify, this is a prefab design you can just plop down (for the lazy among us those so inclined)? or is this demonstrating an option to layout wall designs in more complex patterns?

i’m assuming the former, but … :blush:


I assume that the roofs (rooves?) are a bit broken with these floorplans?

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cries tears of joy

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Ahh this is so exciting! Great progress :smiley:

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Will you be able to choose the type of floor? And will there be default shapes such as circles (not real ones, like in minecraft)

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now, when can we see non rectangular AND non square floorplans ;o

The gulag is one step closer to completion. Excellent.


You better come up with some very fitting music for that feature. Also, you totally missed a chance to pretend the floor was actually tar/tarmac.

A question I’ve asked before. The answer was more or less that they will stick to the square grid (i.e. the voxel orientation), which means that there won’t be anything that is not aligned to those 90°. That means you can build anything else as well as you could in, for example, Minecraft. At least, you won’t be able to in vanilla SH. We’ll see about mods…

It’s not a real gulag unless there’s few potatoes, a politbureau and of course a moat filled with sharks, crocodiles and ducks.

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Really cool, glad to see this post. Keep it up! :smiley:

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Perfect. We need something like this when building. :laughing:

A bit more information about what you’re seeing in the screenshots.

  • I built that building using the new Building Designer tool. First I dragged out multiple overlapping boxes to define the floorplan, then used the “grow wall” tool to outline all of that floor in walls.
  • At this time the Building Designer doesn’t support roofs, but of course that’s coming before the next Alpha.
  • Eventually you’ll be able to select the material for each building part. So what floor pattern you want to use, wood vs. stone walls, etc.
  • We’re aiming to let you save plans built using the Building Designer as your own pre-fabs

thanks @Tom! can’t wait to see the tool/process in action… :smiley:

and you just simultaneously answered my question above, as well as touched on a long standing discussion around blueprints… alpha 4 can’t come soon enough… :+1:


@Tom you mention that we will be able to select what material we use for constructing each part will this be purely visual or will using different materials have different bonuses or impacts.

I can’t wait for the next alpha. You’re doing an amazing job. I look forward the next devblog =D

WOWOWOWO loooking good can not wait!!! love you guys so much for making this epic and more epic to be game!