Stonehearth Rim

Ladies and Gentlevoxels, I present to you the one and only Cherno Alpha 280 ft tall and weigheing 2,412 tons with a Kaiju kill count of 6!

I used @Froggy’s troll as a basic model because it had most of the colours I needed (Cherno Alpha is actually green with grey borderings if you look close enough) Here is what I used to copy Cherno Alpha

Give me your feedback and I just might try to animate this Lean Mean Kaiju Killing Machine


Like it! And come to think of it, the whole Titan attack things makes me thing a Pacific Rim flavored mod would be utterly fantastic and definitely doable…


i like it as well… :smiley:

and while i might have suggested some color variations, i suppose that might be difficult to pull off with a giant robot…

There seems to be a missing voxels in your model in the head.

Obviously I won’t be able to make ALL the jaegers so I am kinda hoping some of you will make some of the other jaegers making this a community project sort of thing :smiley:


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The funny thing is, I just came back from watching that movie… pretty BA…

Anyway, yes, I think it would be a great mod. It would be nice to have the Kaiju be some sort of super-titan, or a stronger than ordinary one, and the Jaegers could be built by a Jaegerman or something like that, and they would act as a defense mechanism against that. And, of course, there would have to be a breach, just like the movie, that you would have to nuke. Or at least punch/slice/arrow to death with your hordes of soldiers and Jaegers.

I would like to volunteer for the coding aspect. As soon as I get out of novice level, at least…

Can you put the model aside the carpenter? It seems a bit small but I don’t know if that’s because it’s alone.

Here is Cherno Alpha Mk II

@ManofRet I know the movie was bad but the idea of the movie was perfect for Stonehearth because who doesnt want giant robots defending them from all the Titans Stonehearth has to throw at them, as to the portal well maybe when the update for more dimensions comes out we can use those portals

@Crobo I have put Cherno beside the carpenter and he is 1 voxel bigger

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nice! seeing it against the white backdrop, it looks like there should be a bit more added to the foot - some sort of ankle segment… or perhaps downward from the hips… it just looks like a bit too much empty space in between…

Well, actually, what I meant by “BA” was badass. I mean, giant robots fighting giant monsters? What’s cooler than that? Not many things. Not saying it’s good, but just saying it was cool.

Anywho, I think you should beef up the titan a little bit. He should be on a similar scale to the magma smith. Speaking of which, has anyone created a Magma Smith replica yet, Steve?

why yes, yes they have:smile:

Well, in that case, you should be able to see how he’s a little beefier dimension-wise compared to the rest. That should help in getting a few more details in there.

He’s on the second row from the front, on the far end.

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I see a pacific rim quest or event in the future :slight_smile:

A storm is coming…or should I say typhoon? Here’s crimson typhoon the second Jaeger I have built

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