Stonehearth Mods not loading

Hi there,

Brand new to the community so hello! I used to do a lot of modding with Minecraft, funded this on Kickstarter (and am loving playing it), and am looking at getting into the modding scene here.

I have looked at numerous sources and downloaded a few mods (resourcecraft and cookmod so far). Neither those nor my mod are working. They are not loading at all it seems. Not sure why? Version wrong? Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


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hey there @Squargle … welcome aboard! :smile:

its likely that those mods simply aren’t compatible with the latest A9 client… @voxel_pirate and @Froggy would be able to confirm/elaborate…

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Thanks! :smiley:

Ok so how do the versions work with mods? How are they updated? I am sorry for the bombardment of questions but is there a way I can downgrade to a workable version? I made a simple mod that renames the Medium Oak Tree (from a blog post I read). That was maybe an hour ago.


Ok so the mods all seem to be waayyy behind the game as far as updates which I understand. Time to do some fiddling! Thanks!

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nope, sadly it is impossible to downgrade versions atm… but i guess thats understandable because its still alpha…

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Piggybacking onto that question,

Is there any known way to mod the current version without altering the base code? (shivers) Not to keen on editing base code.

well yes, depends what you want to do in your mod, might want to ask some o’ the experts though.

The cookmod is compatible with the latest version.

That being said, did you drop the .smods into your stonehearth/mods/ folder? Can you upload your stonehearth.log?

@RepeatPan, Yea I spoke with a few people and found the problem. My file structure buried the folder too deep and therefore the manifest.json could not be found. I think it is all sorted now. Thanks for the help! I love the community here.