Stonehearth Mod List


Steve, Maybe you should do it… xP


To be honest, I knew you were not active. I simply wanted to get my mod out there and attaching it to this list looked the best way.


bite. your. tongue. :smile:

I think as it stands now, having folks post their own mods as attachments is functional…


I would prefer a new thread with only mods and no other comments. Maybe using the same format as here.


I actually really like this idea too.
Each mod author gets one comment on which to advertize their mods (using the format) and all other comments are deleted. It would be up to the mod author to make sure that all the information is up to date. This would allow people to display their mods with minimal attention needed from the original poster. I do, however see a couple possible problems.

  1. A moderator will have to check on the thread from time to time and delete comments which aren’t mods. Since the topic author can’t delete comments.
  2. As time goes on, people will have to sort through all the old discontinued mods in order to find the ones which are still up to date. Comments for old mods could be deleted if they haven’t been updated in X versions of the game, but this would also require a moderator to check on things.


Mix this with a master list of mods in the top post in Current and Discontinued categories might work.

I’m not as active on the forums as I use to be but I try to check it every day/few times a day; I could run the topic and master mod list if necessary.


congratulations, you’re hired! :smile:

hopefully we’ll have an official stance/blueprint for how Radiant envisions finding/downloading/managing mods… :+1:


I’ll try and plan out and post the new mod list topic tomorrow. I’ll implement a few of the ideas talked about here, let me know if anyone has any other ideas for the mod list.


brilliant! let me know if you need anything on my end… :+1:


I’ve decided that it might be best to agree upon a design for the Master Mod List before I start the topic. Below is the idea I have in mind, using my mod and a few others (not completely accurate) as an example:

Stonehearth Master Mod List (fancy graphic?)

Official Mods:

Candledark by RadiantEntertainment
Current Build

Community Mods:

Colors Mod by @chimeforest
Current Build: 2.0 [dev 1867]
Tags: #furniture #recipes #dyes

      • -Link to “advertiesement” post below - - - -

Nihonjin by @Avairian & @Pandemic
Current Build: 1.2 [Alpha 5]
Tags: #overhaul #recipes #japanese

Discontinued Mods:

Why So Blue? by @Froggy
Latest Build: 3.4 [Alpha 4]
Tags: #discontinued #dyes #building

That would be the set up for the master list. The list will only be used for mods that have actually had some sort of release. Mod Devs could then create a topic in the thread as what I call an “advertisement” with maybe a few pictures and a short description of the mod. Community members could go and scroll down the mod “store” and get a preview of the mods and if interested can follow the link to the mods.

The idea behind the tags is to allow users to search based on official / custom tags to find mods they would like to use.

What does everyone think?


Nice, so no messages between the mods listed? just added new mods?


Looks good to me! :thumbsup:

Any chance we could have a small 20x20 or so icon next out mod’s name in the master list, or would that be too much?


Colors Mod by @chimeforest
Current Build: 2.0 [dev 1867]
Tags: #furniture #recipes #dyes

      • -Link to “advertiesement” post below - - - -


Colors Mod by @chimeforest
Current Build: 2.0 [dev 1867]
Tags: #furniture #recipes #dyes

      • -Link to “advertiesement” post below - - - -


Colors Mod by @chimeforest
Current Build: 2.0 [dev 1867]
Tags: #furniture #recipes #dyes

      • -Link to “advertiesement” post below - - - -


Colors Mod by @chimeforest
Current Build: 2.0 [dev 1867]
Tags: #furniture #recipes #dyes

      • -Link to “advertiesement” post below - - - -


I like where this is headed! just remember to make it manageable, otherwise it will fall into ruin once more… :smile:

love the idea of #tags too… will make searching for specific mod types very functional! :+1:


I’m liking the 25x25 icon size. I was also pondering about smaller banners, like I think you mentioned at some point earlier on this topic.


Ah yes… post 27 I believe.

What size were you thinking of for the banners? I can whip up a couple mock banners in whatever dimensions you like :smile:
(except the astral plane, place is frickin’ hard to get to, lol)



This old thread is obviously out of date. I would love to see either this thread be revived, or another to take its place.

I would recommend that the mods be sorted by ALPHAS. The first post would have each a list, for each alpha, and would show the mods known to work in that alpha. This is a quick and easy way to help see which mods are still being supported. Many of the mods in this list are, sadly, broken.

I would do this myself, but I am not sure whether it’s better to create a new list or to modify this one. I would even write the markdown code for it, but I can’t edit others’ posts…


If you want you can PM a moderator posting your list and they can edit the first post.


where download? please


Mod Version:

It’s more of an idea than a mod right now.


Is this mod list up to date or?