Stonehearth Mod List


Assuming you have permission from the author to submit a mod for the list or have taken over development for the mod, then yes. As stated above, if mod authors don’t want their mod to be on the list, it doesn’t have to be.

I accept not-complete mods too, y’know! :wink:


Egyptian conversion Mod

Bringing ancient egypt to Stonehearth. From desert biome to farming and pillars to plaza. It is currently not updated anymore.

State: not updated anymore
Author: @Miturion
Version: Alpha 1 r42
View more info here.


Added @Miturion’s mod to the list.

I have also added a new little detail to the submission template. Mod Version and Game Version. If your mod was already on the list, and you didn’t specify a version number for your mod, then it is currently N/A.

I’ll check over the mods to see the versions in a bit.


the list is comin along swimmingly! :smile:

just a thought … will you perhaps be adding categories/groupings for the mods, as the list grows, to help folks find what they’re looking for?


I hope to… yes. Not at the moment though, as there aren’t too any mods out there. Well, not enough for it to need groups for different mods.


Alrighty ^^
I’ll get to work on that when I next am at a computer. Later today, lol.

And if I might submit a couple ideas?

Perhaps a Compatibility section could go under the mod and game version for a quick one sentence explanation of it’s compatibility with other mods? I know right now most mods are incompatible, but for mods like my color mod and the decor mod it could be useful.

Also, could we include an icon or banner for our mod. Something small (aka NOT a screen shot) maybe a max height of 45 pixels(the height of portraits), and a max width of 250? Maybe 500?

Color Mod


45 x 500

These are just examples I threw together at the last minute, My actual banner/icon would be much much prettier =D

These Banners or Icons would replace the title, and let players get a quick preview of the mod/let modders showcase their mod. ^^


Hmm… I think this would be useful later on when more mods are released, meaning more would be compatible. writes down on non-existant paper

To be honest, that was kind of originally the plan. I wouldn’t mind if you do! Also, 45 x 500 seems like a good size.


Every mod, except total conversions, should be compatible with each other in the end. In addition, there are mods that might be compatible with every other mod except one or two, so should there also be some sort of blacklist for these mods? What if an update (temporarily) breaks compatibility?

In the end, you have to draw the line at what this list should be… Since there’s only one person updating it, it means that said person needs to do more and more work, possibly exponentially, for every mod and feature added…


Or maybe… just maybe… the modders can put a list of (non-)compatible mods on their topic! Problem solved! :wink:



This mod allows players to craft an harvestable item which requires 1 wood in production but provides 10 wood via harvesting.

State: Work in Progress (v0.2 completed)
Author: @voxel_pirate
Mod Version: v0.2
Game Version: Alpha 3 - 0.1.0 (r92)

Thx @Alfie :wink:.


Alright, I’ve added you. :wink: This dragged me out from hiding though, so damn… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



A group of citizens has been dispatched to provide reasources for the home planet, will you lead them to ruin, independence, or create a new capitol and meet the leader in person, the choice is yours.

State: Work in Progress
Author: @wombat85
Mod Version: TBA (See Thread)
Game Version: TBA (See Thread)


Your mod is now featured on the list, sir… :slight_smile: Stop dragging me from my hibernation session, dammit!


A Song of Ice and Fire

A mod based on the works of George R. R. Martin and the mythical land of Westeros. Choose a house and banner, build your army, and work to take the iron throne, all while battling brigands, white walkers, and dragon titans.

State: Planning
Author: @Dwalus
Mod Version: 0.0.0
Game Version: Not applicable


There you go, good sir! A lovely spot for your mod has been made, with care. And by that I mean it’s basically been copy and pasted. Enjoy!

I should get on this forum more… like I used to.



The basic idea is for a Norse themed mod which will offer a variant
starting race/culture for the player. Along side this will be a number
of themed mechanics in game to compliment the setting. The theme is very
much mythology/saga based and as such will include Gods(one or two),
Monsters and magic.

State: Work in Progress
Author: @TobiasSabathius
Mod Version:
Game Version: Alpha 4


#Colors Mod#

Adds many colored dyes, cloths, and items to stonehearth.

State: Complete
Author: @chimeforest
Mod Version: 1.0.0
Game Version: Alpha 5 - 0.1.0 r150

View more info here.



Garden Features:

  • Food Event Bonus system (increases stats eg. apples permanently give 0.75 muscle and 0.25 compassion)
  • moveable silkweed
  • adds 1 new class (Herbalist)
  • adds 9 new fruit trees
  • 3 new carpenter recipes

State: Work in Progress
Author: @OneLaughingLlama
Mod Version: 1.0
Game Version: Dev build 1687

View more info and my other mods


Alright guys, I’m going to be honest with you. I’m obviously a lot less active than I was in the past, and I take a gander at the forums every now and again, but I don’t feel that I’m currently the best person to be managing the mod list. It’s not you, it’s me. @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747, I’m sorry, but you may need to find a replacement. :frowning:


haha… the poor poor mod list… will it ever find true love? :heart: