Stonehearth Meet the Hearthlings YouTube Series Launch: Worker

Hello everyone!

I have had a soft spot for Stonehearth for some time, here is a video introducing the dependable Hearthling worker!
This is a little new for me however I am interested in making this a series covering the other roles, what do you think?
Any feedback is appreciated, thank you!


Great video Quirky Turtle :slight_smile: What will be the next class?

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That was cute! I think this is a good means of introducing a new player to the feel of the game as a community builder and the basic ideas of what the classes are meant to do. Keep going!

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This is so freaking cute!

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Really good video, @QuirkyTurtle! It fits the style of the game, it has a humorous approach, and it really has some cuteness over it :slight_smile:

The only “negativ feedback” I would be able to provide, is that - too me - it seems that your audio got some highpitch peaks in it.

Example on possible reasons for these peaks:

  • Bad microphone; this does not seem to be the case though, because your audio is quite crisp otherwise.
  • Highly increased output-volume; if you talked very low while recording and then had to increase the output volume a lot for the video it self, peaks may arise.
  • My ears simply are a bit too sensative today for whatever reason :stuck_out_tongue:

If it happens to be that case 2 above is true in your scenario, “all you have to do” is to make sure to increase the input-volume of your microphone a bit. (it’s better to increase the input-volume before recording, than it is to increase output-volume after performing the recording).
Just keep in mind to not go all the way to 100 though ^^

Of course there could be other reasons, too - it could even be that there are no peaks and instead my ears are just “too sensative” today. Also, these possible peaks are not “the end of the world”; they are simply the only negative thing I could find at all!
However, if you want to discuss audio-stuff for YouTube videos, feel free to let me know :slight_smile:

Ps. your name is awesome - just saying it brings happiness to my heart!

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Thank you! I have yet to consider my next video, I guess whatever class inspires me next :slight_smile:


Hi Hamnisu,
It is probably the output volume, I do speak rather quietly.
I actually recorded the audio via audacity and followed a YouTube video regarding how to make my audio sound better, so if you have any tips on the correct way to edit audio in audacity that would be fantastic!

There are two “easy” fixes for this scenario:

  1. Increase your input-volume.
  2. Speak-up, soldier! :stuck_out_tongue:

I, too, am a “quite talker” and used to have quite the issues “back in the days” - and, to fix the volume-issues in my videos/streams, I decided to go with fix number 1.

First things first, in your Audacity window, have you increased the input-volume to a high level? (input and preview-output volume sliders are found in the top right corner)
Additionally, you should check your microphone settings.

For now, I’ll assume you are a Windows user.
In your taskbar at the (most likely) bottom of your screen, there is a speaker-icon. Right-click it, and select “Recording Devices” (or something similar).
Locate your microphone in the list, and select Settings. Select the “Advanced”-tab, and increase the quality as much as you can. Mine is set as “Channel 2, 16 bits, 48000 Hz”.

Are you increasing your output-volume directly in Audacity or via your Video Rendering software?

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you should make a “meet the hearthling” video ala “meet the team” from TF2.

A footman showing off his awesome sword talking to another hearthling would be pretty cute!


What a cute video! Very well designed. I don’t have much in the way of constructive feedback besides “Please make more!” :laughing: Sub’d.

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This is the cutest thing ever. Please make more!