Stonehearth Heats my computer scarily alot?

Lets make an example, overwatch on low-medium goes to 60 Degree celcius and stonehearth can reach up to 63 degree celcius. Im not 100% what the safe degree is but im pretty confident 60 is the safe limit, since if it goes over that it starts to make alot of noise from the fan. Im not a computer expert but i want to know why is this? Computer or game problem? I tried lowering graphics and rendering in-game

Overwatch is a finished game. Stonehearth is still in alpha. There’s no or few optimization done. I don’t know if you’re talking about CPU or GPU temperature but under 90°C it’s safe. Nowadays, components prevent you when they reach 100°C and some melt at 110°C (checked in the manufacturer notice).


I don’t think it’s the graphic settings that much (altough judging by that you play OW at low-med settings it could be), but also the Hearthlings really making your CPU’s tempreture go up, because the AI seems very complex and it’s a long way to optimization. I mean, the standart max value for the amount of Hearthlings isn’t set to 20 for no reason…

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