Stonehearth goes 1.0!

Stonehearth isn’t a bad game, for the genre, but I feel like it is still quite buggy and doesn’t perform well on my machine. I guess I need a better CPU, but the fact that the live team is going to be composed of three people fixing bugs… Makes me think that I either get a huge number of bugs (maybe I’ll blank my install and drop a fresh install or something?) or the game is still going to be super buggy. I have mostly been running the unstable versions for the last few years though, and that’s kind of what they’re for… but when I’ve checked back on the live versions they’ve always racked up a dozen or so errors very nearly as quickly as the versions I was playing so I’m not really sure what I think about that.

It’s a shame that the simple gameplay promise of a large world to explore in multiplayer and complete quest modules as a means to progress didn’t pan out. Whether it was engine issues, the complexity it would have added, or whatever… mod support doesn’t feel like it’s quite what was promised in the Kickstarter. The game is pretty wide of that mark, which is disappointing. That being said, I’ve spent a lot of time with Stonehearth and gotten a lot of enjoyment from it when I wasn’t beset by bugs.

I call to mind the quote by Niccolò Machiavelli

“For since men for the most part follow in the footsteps and imitate the actions of others, and yet are unable to adhere exactly to those paths which others have taken, or attain to the virtues of those whom they would resemble, the wise man should always follow the roads that have been trodden by the great, and imitate those who have most excelled, so that if he cannot reach their perfection, he may at least acquire something of its savour. Acting in this like the skilful archer, who seeing that the object he would hit is distant, and knowing the range of his bow, takes aim much above the destined mark; not designing that his arrow should strike so high, but that flying high it may alight at the point intended.”

Since Stonehearth was trying something more often done with far less complex graphics and spaces, in an engine made by the team, and not just building effectively voxel Dwarf Fortress in a standardized engine… I feel like it’s taken what they were able to do and sunk a lot more time (and likely funding) into Stonehearth than it was ever expected to require back during the Kickstarter. I’ve backed a lot of Kickstarter projects, and I’ve seen some fizzle away or worse. Radiant gave a definite good faith effort, and in the end even if it wasn’t practical to deliver on some of the original vision, and with mods and over time maybe some more of the potential of the game can be realized.

I’ve got really high hopes for a fairly stable 1.0 (especially given the list of additions, Geomancer, Clan Amberstone), and while I haven’t given multiplayer a shot yet that’s why I bought the game in the first place so I’ll have to take a crack at it. I’d have loved to see the team stick around and flesh out some cool drop-in campaign stuff, randomized to fire after the initial campaign ended. Caves that open up with enemies to fight, enemies that come from under the water or beam in through teleport gates or what have you, try to simulate a bit of what was hoped for with modules… but that’s nothing that can’t be attempted by the community I suppose.

For what it’s worth, I would probably still have bought the game if I hadn’t backed the Kickstarter, and I might have been happier with what was here if I hadn’t had visions of huge kingdoms and massive enemy conflicts, sending armies out to deal with module quests and so on stuck in my head all this time. After having loved that initial idea so much I can’t help but be a bit sad to know Stonehearth won’t be that.


Now that I’m a little less crying inside, I’d like to call dibs on the Dwarven kingdom mod if no one minds :joy:

ALSO, to all great modders out there, let’s keep this game alive through modding? Please? :heart:
If Neverwinter community managed to keep it alive for more than a decade, we can do that too, right? :heart: :heart:


IF WE DID THAT WE WOULD HAVE TO BASICALLY UPDATE THE WHOLE UI. (Sorry, it’s a sore point for everyone who has worked on the the UI. Which is the whole dev team. We really wanted to put an item in the game called The Ember of Eternal Frustration after all our pain with the updating views, but eh, life is short and who knows, maybe the Ember people might play it and feel bad. )

I talked a bit more about this on the stream tonight, but the tldr is that Riot has other priorities right now, so we couldn’t be in development forever. That said, Riot’s mission is to be the most player focused company in the world, and the executive team really wanted us to do right by you, and have a sane plan for finishing the game in a way that did justice to your investment. So… here we are, at the end of the sanest plan we could find. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I hear you. If there’s a FOURTH lesson I will personally take from this, it’s to really clearly define what you’re building before you build it. Or tell people to back it. T___T. There was just so much room for interpretation, that it couldn’t be all the games everyone envisioned, and in the end, we chose something more people focused and intimate, than something kingdom focused and huge.


When I read the title “Leaving the Nest” I got excited, I thought it was going to be about a new update which would let us explore other lands… :sob:


From an economic point of view - I understand.
From an emotional point of view - I grieve.


Right also, I just made a post to a steam thread about this; if you have a save where perf is bad even though you’re at the min or recommended spec and/or if something is weird, make a post about it and SEND IT LIKE, RIGHT NOW.


Well, I’m still getting this: Extra, bold lines appearing in grid view

Not sure whether it’s something with the game or something with my graphics card. I haven’t had any problems in the games I make with OpenGL (in C++), and as far as I know, this game is made in OpenGL (unless it’s DirectX?) using C++, so I don’t really know what’s up…

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I’m getting this in A24+ stable. I don’t know whether this is fixed in unstable, but it’s late right now and I don’t really have time to test it out yet.

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Thanks to all the team for the wonderful job you’ve done with the tools you had to work with. Especially thanks to @sdee for being so open and honest about the reasons why the game is being completed and why certain goals had to be dropped. The earnestness I saw in dev streams is what sold the game to me and I truly believe you all had the very best of intentions. I’ve definitely gotten more than my money’s worth, and would purchase it again in a heartbeat. If possible, I’d be interested in other projects the devs are working on so I can keep an eye out for em or possibly support them as well.

We’ve already seen several folks eager to take on the dwarves, and this willingness by the community will be what really carries the game into the future. Definitely looking forward to all of the amazing mods we’ll end up with. Cheers everyone!! :jubilant:


Look how important a stream i have missed! (watching replay right now)
It’s really a long way with you guys but it also feels so short. Anyway, love you guys as always. :sob:


Huh… lots of different thoughts/feeling from this post for me…:confused:

i guess what i’ll say is that the most prominent feeling is a kind of bittersweet happiness, while i’m sad to see this story coming to a close, i’m glad to know you guys were able to get the game to a point where you can happily call it “complete”. and while I know my presence on the discourse has been next to nothing for something like a year now, i’m truly grateful for the community you guys managed to make, as well as for the time i was able to help contribute to that community, even more so with the knowledge it really helped me through some rough spots. i’m sure i invested way more time here than the actual game, with lots of great people, and the value of that has definitely been worth more than the $30 i spent on this, crazy to think it’s been 4 years since i found this gem… well i’m starting to ramble on,

so, best of luck to the team with wherever you all go after this, hope to see you around. :slightly_smiling_face:



This was my first Kickstarter, and it’s been a privilege to watch it evolve. The second game I backed was abandoned a year ago by a team twice this size, its last post about their second attempt at building a graphics engine from scratch. The third game I backed didn’t meet its funding goal.

But Stonehearth really delivered. Stonehearth made it, from dream to Steam! Thanks for all the Desktop Tuesdays, the constant progress, the transparency throughout the journey.

Thanks for making it so moddable, for the solid core we can embellish at will, turning my “But I wish there was X” moping into “Time to find out how I’m gonna make mod X” ambition.

Thanks for all the time and effort you’ve spent making this game. Best of luck in all your future projects!


Oof. This hurt my heart to read. Five years surely does go by fast. Very happy for the team, and for whatever they encounter in the future, I wish them luck! (Stonehearth 2: Electric Boogaloo? :thinking:)

But I do have one question, throughout even the earliest stages of development, we’ve been told constantly of all this lore that’s been written about the world and the people’s in it for Stonehearth, but we have yet to see a large portion of it. I would love to learn more about the world, and I feel knowing more about the lore will help modders! Can we expect these mystical lore books to finally be released so we may fill our cubic noggins with all the information possible?


Wow what a shock, but it’s nice to see it’s finally being bundled up and the devs can finally breath a sigh of relief and move on to bigger and better things!

Steph, I will admit the timing feels very strange to go from mechanic building/tweaking to beta to FULL GAME so soon. Is this because much of the actual “content” (art, third faction, sound etc) was actually being made ready on the side but not implemented whilst the alpha was ongoing?

Re; Lore. I really don’t mind how “light” it is. I mean, it’s like the game KNOWS it’s in a fairly generic fantasy world and leaves a lot to the players imagination.


I asked Steph, in stream tonight about this, i hope they do write a lore book all of it, so we can know expand and continue the lore in our own present


Aw man, DaniAngione, I was thinking of doing something for that after 1.0 released! I’ve got so many good ideas for it!


And my axe! (you have your dibs sir, and when I’m back from holiday I can chip in models and crazy ideas as needed aswell :wink: )


I’m just kidding :joy: There’s no such thing as dibs. I mean, we could both have a dwarf realm mod or maybe even collab for one :slight_smile:

best reference :heart:


Also @ the devs: before you go hands off could you convert the “items tags” ( you know, stuff like wood, coal, armor, item_storage) from a single string to an index? So we don’t have to do messy overwrites and it would be rather usefull for long term modding purposes (for items using filters, like decorate hooks on the wall to hang things etc)


What will happen with team/game after December?

read the post. after December all the devs are gone. as of release the team will go down to only 3.

OH NO… This actually breaks my heart :forlorn: It does not feel like being happy and thus wrapping up… it feels like you had to submit to a death threat… :forlorn: There’s still some things I’m missing myself… like the fence tool and building renovation :forlorn: :forlorn: I just arrived at work, I have to watch the stream this instant!!