Stonehearth Executable Deletion (Steam Disk Read Error)

Stonehearth Executable Deletion (Steam Disk Read Error)

Stonehearth won’t fully install in Steam or will Install once then a “Disk Read Error” will appear when trying to load in steam or when trying to re-install. What is actually happenings is that my Anti-Virus was quarantining the executable as a Rogue Virus every time i tried to install… it makes sense why my computer seems to get 30 viruses a day… it’s Stonehearth!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have Anti-Virus Running
  2. Install Steam-Unstable Stonehearth
  3. Play once, then exit
  4. Exe is deleted!

Expected Results:
Game would run and not see it as a virus.

Disable Anti-Virus

Even allowing the program through my specific anti virus (Windows Defender and Ad-aware simultaneously) Didn’t work. I have to turn them both off.

Just thought i’d post this here in case anyone else was tearing their hair out trying to figure out why their game stopped working. :smile:

State what anti-virus your using. Because I both have Mcafee and Avast running and it runs and installs the game fine.

I certainly did, my good man.


This might be a problem with ad-aware then as I’m running Windows Defender (though might need to look for alternative security as you know how these things change) and have no issues installing the game.

Yeah, it appears to be Adaware for sure. Quarantines it so fast it’ll make your head spin. I’ve tried adding Stonehearth.exe to the ignore list, we’ll see if that works.