Stonehearth baby dragon



I’m stuck at work so can’t check out the recording from todays live feed. :frowning:
Would some one be a champion and post a screen shot of the baby dragon for me plea-se~


Here ya go,[url] I’ll link it as it’s easier [/url]


Thanks :smiley:

They are pretty cute and I like the different flavours.

Still got a good 4 hours before home time and was going crazy thinking about the dragon and live feed.


Ha no worries :slight_smile: glad I could help! It was a pretty good stream, so if you’re interested I’d say watch it when you get back!


yeah I’ll be getting into it when I get home.
I like watching them work and there is usually some good questions answerwed about the game/ game play.


There were quite a few Q & A in this one so you’re in luck!



I’ve deffenetly foud the previous ones very informative both about the game and also in regards to modeling and animating, so has been great.

Deffinetly recomend watching them all to anyone who has not watched them :smiley:


i’m feeling even more lazy than usual… did you compile all the questions from the stream into your thread already?



Done hours ago. Everything labelled as new is from the stream. CHECK IT.


wow, impressive work… you are a machine!


I didn’t include anything from the first hour … I might have missed something, I’m sure someone will pull me up on it if I have!


watched it when I got home, was really good. and some great questions asked.