Stone needs to appear sooner when you dig into the side of a hill

I really think that the depth that stone is found at could be greatly improved. I feel like digging 160+ blocks into a hill to finally get ore is kinda extreme… Maybe if the stone was raised up so it was at base level after you go down one level of hill (10 blocks) you hit stone and ore.

have you ever played minecraft 160blocks are nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it’s all about time… It just takes sooo long for my hearthlings to dig in that deep and then get the ore/stone. In minecraft, the stone was like 5 blocks below the ground… That would be a lot more helpful than the 20 block depth/ 160 block length you have to go to get stone currently. the only work around would be to start right next to the mountains but it’s much harder to start up there.

And 160 block depth was to the bedrock in minecraft

You might want to start digging closer to where stone actually is – if you’re beginning your mining operations in a dirt-based area it may indeed take a while to reach stone. Look at your terrain carefully – it might be worthwhile (in either the temperate or desert biome) to build ladders up to a place where you can reach stone directly. That’s much easier than creating long tunnels into a mountain, or mining down until hitting stone.


Its actually quicker to just dig straight in because you can road the tunnel and it’s a straight line into deep ore territory. I was saying the only way to get it faster would be to start right next to the stone cliffs and that is super hard starting area.

May I ask why starting next to a mountain is hard?

If you start at the top of all the hills away from the base of the map, you don’t get access to berry bushes, the medicinal flowers, or silkweed. It makes it significantly harder to get a new recruit in the first four days.

Oh, that’s not an issue. Just buy a farmer’s hoe and get to work on those fields as soon as the game begins. I’ve never used berry bushes, and I’ve not had trouble recruiting hearthlings early on.


What dwarf fortress has taught me… Always start by the base of mountain atleast. I tend to park my colony flag on the highest soil platform so I can dig straight in for stone and ore.

Yeah, berry bushes can help alot when rushing for citizens, but I’ve managed to get my first immigrant on day 3. Sometimes 4