Settling next to a mountain absolutely necessary?

So you pretty much have to settle right next to a mountain, right? Or if you dig deep enough will you hit ore? Is it worth not settling directly next to a mountain?

no you can still find some good ore on foothills and bellow ground. I have never settled near a mountain and have been fine


as @Hogwartscat said, you dont need to sttle directly beside a mountain, i believe that if you dig deep enough in foothills you should hit stone/ores, i could be wrong about that though.

im guessing he meant for ores and such.

Both, really. :grin:

My small experiment with digging into non/mountain cliff sides yielded very little stone or anything.

well, mountains can have quite a few perks, though foothills are just as good.

  • mountains tend to be ore rich, you just have to do a bit of searching

  • mountains can prove to be helpful with defense, if you settle in the right spot

and as @xXSlimeyXx said,

  • mountains are generally big, allowing you to burrow deep within to hide stockpiles

  • you can make early game shelters in them (or even just live in the mountain)

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hmm… were you digging into foothills or plains? because in foothills you will eventually hit stone (the grey), stone tends to yield lots of ore, while dirt tends to yield almost nothing.

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I suppose it was plains then. Thanks for the info everyone!

well i could be wrong, havent played in the last bit so it might have been changed… :confused:

the best way to see that there is rock under the map is to go to an edge and see for yourself :smile:


Yeah, I just tried starting in the middle of a plain and digging down until I hit rock. It was about 30m down. A lot harder than digging into the bottom of a mountain for stone and ore!