No ore to be found?

Not too sure where to put this so I’ll just place it here… But am I the only one who is unable to find ANY ore in the mountains from mining or digging? I have taken out a whole half of a mountain to find only stone. Which is fine… But I so badly want to make the upgraded weapons and cool stuff… only to just wait around for the bad guys to come and hopefully they drop some iron or something. Am I doing something wrong? or am I missing something?

I did used to see like Coal and gold and silver sticking out of the mountains before back in the previous alphas… but now… nothing… :frowning:

That seems like a bug. Normally I get at least some ore even when I don’t mine on a vein.

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Still see the ore veins on the side of the slopes so issues with my games. Will say though, where are the veins inside the mountains? Now mining into a mountain and then finding a vein now that has never happened, unless you hit one that did start from the outside.

I never mine, so much as dig out the mountains quarry-style, and you can easily see that way that there are veins hidden in the mountains that don’t ‘stick out’ initially.

As for the lack of ore entirely… Definitely a bug; the code has ore of all kinds in the loot tables for ‘pure’ stone.

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So you can find ore veins within the mountains. Been playing this since alpha release and never found any, then again I use the 4x4x4 mining to make tunnels not quarry style mines. Thanks for the info and will try next time I play.

For performance and memory reasons, you won’t find ore embedded deep underneath the surface. There are actually hundreds of ore networks in each game, but they’re hard to find because you’re searching blindly in a 3d volume.

The simplest way to find ore is to send hearthlings walking along the side of foothills and mountains to scan for veins that are poking out. After that, try digging exploratory tunnels that are near the surface. Near meaning two mountain layers or 30 blocks in the current (temperate) biome.