Stone Golem can't seem to find my Village

The Stone Golem does not seem to ever come any closer to my village. I noticed that head had spawned in, but then ignored him. 15 minutes later, I realized he hadn’t attacked yet, and wouldn’t leave the border of my kingdom. I don’t know for sure that this a bug or not…
Steps to reproduce:

  1. I’m afraid I don’t know.

Expected Results:
The stone golem would charge my realm, albeit to a quick demise.
Actual Results:
The golem lurks menacingly at the edge of my borders.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Release 549
Currently using the RWBY weapons mod, one that I am making.
System Information:
Intel Core I5 with a Nvidia Graphics card.

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i don’t think this actually is a bug, because as far as i know the stone golem isn’t an enemy that targets your town, but rather waits for you to attack him.

i’m going to page @linda to confirm my thoughts though.

There are two types of encounters in the game, ambient encounters that exist in the world and wait until you engage, and raids that come and attack your town. In this case, the encounter just has a stone golem wandering around the forest.


Oh ok. Didn’t know that. Thanks for the info!


Can a player tell one from another?
I’ve noticed crypts are always passive (they don’t attack you first). Big stone golems and wolves are passive, too. Giant wolves, small stone golems and entlings are raiding. Goblins are raiding (I suppose) and while they were attacking my town at early game they almost stopped doing so in late game. Now their parties only sometimes go to my town. Most of the time they hang around their firepits and despawn in the morning (except for one goblin who feeds the fire), as if they couldn’t find a way into my settlement.
I don’t have a city wall though. Are they smart enough to be afraid of my footmen? Or is it actually a pathfinding/AI bug?