Goblins spawning underneath town

I’m loving the upgrades to Stonehearth. The goblin campaign has been interesting, though sometimes it seems that triggers pile up on each other. But in general, I’ve enjoyed thinking about how to defend my town.

Unfortunately, the game sometimes cheats my defenses and spawns enemies in my town. when it was a bunch of zombies, it was annoying. But when an entire goblin village, complete with wolf pens, spawned under my farms, it became a bit absurd. I fought the invaders off, but as there is no way to restore grass, I now have a bunch of floating farm plots since the goblin town removes a layer of land.

I’m thinking that some type of “fog of war” will be implemented with the game and then the village spawns should happen in the fog. This would mean that as a village expands, the enemies spawn further and further away from town. This would be different from the “spawn at the edge of explored territory” that used to happen in the game. Because the current “spawn X distance from the banner” isn’t really working for me.

(Sorry, if this doesn’t belong under “Support.” It feels like a bug to me, even though the game is working “as intended.”)