Stockpiles in Buildings [WORKAROUND]

Hello once again!

I was wondering about this today, and it occurred to me that there’s no way to make a storage room for example. I tried placing a stockpile into a room, but the blueprint mode wouldn’t allow for it.

I was simply trying to make a storage room for food (some facet of immersion, wherein the people need to “protect” their food from the wild, animals and weather alike), and it saddened me that such a thing wasn’t possible.

WORKAROUND BELOW (Applicable to </=Alpha 3)


Seems like a good idea.

One suggestion is that the game would ask you what building would you like to make, and then ask you want do you want it to be used for, before proceeding to construct the building.

just for grins, are you able to build up single walls around said stockpile, as opposed to trying to drop a stockpile inside a building?

I feel like if you leave the inside of the building open for personal influence, it’d leave far fewer issues for later, when you might reassign buildings etc. Maybe just allowing for better customization of the inner part of buildings would allow for a ton of flexibility, which would require fewer clicks, menus etc. to code.

I remember doing this once, so yes, although I was wanting to have a full-on storage room, and not just walls to keep away critters. The elements still need to keep their grimy mitts off of my berries!!


Perhaps this could get introduced when we can lay out plans for our buildings?


i think if you were to design a building what you put in it would determine its function then placing it would give you the usual ( what and or how much you want in it ). So if you made a building with a large deck for storage then that would obviously be a warehouse. Where as if you made building with barrels inside it then that would be for liquids like water and wine and the like owo?

Furthermore this would allow you to combine functions so that a building is capable of doing more than one thing. For instance you could put a small carpentry workshop on the side of the warehouse to enable it to use wood in its storage and then place finished products directly there as well.

Some of the preview pictures at least showcased something akin to this.

I would assume that the random-stuff-being-dropped-on-the-ground stockpiles would evolve into sheltered stockpiles. Also, a multipurposed building would be awesome! :smile:

So, I may have a workaround for this!

Lo and behold, a stockpile in a room:

Essentially what happens when you try to do this from far away, is that in the blueprint mode, the roof blueprint blocks the putting in of any stuff inside the rooms. Therefore, you can do it by zooming in near the door, and then placing it in through the door. Even when the room is done, the roof blueprints make it impossible to do. I’d wager that this will not be a problem post- roof implementation.

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