Creating Warehouses - (ability to put stockpiles in buildings)

I believe it would be cool and useful to be able to put stockpiles inside of buildings, not only would it make it more difficult for thieves (like goblins) to steal things, but I also think it would be just a cool feature to have.

hmm… i know this has been discussed/requested before… perhaps it was only on the blog?

I think there was a discussion during one onf the latest patch notes threads where ppl requested stockpiles in houses and one dev confirmed that this was already possible and shouldn’t have changed with the patch (one or two ago). Seems like they are still working on it.

There is definitely comments from @sdee about placing stuff inside houses but it’s just a bit broken right now.

I think we can lock this up as we know it’s gonna happen it’s just broken. And then merge if we find the right thread.


as is typical with our relationship, you command, i follow…