Multi-story Stockpile Tutorial Video

I have put together a short video on how to build multi-story stockpiles.
This is a great way to cut down on space, make your town look neater and protect your precious items.
Combine this technique with other to build yourself an indoor warehouse to keep all your items indoors and dry


This is a lot easier than it used to be.


sure but it looks incomplete. I built shelves because it represents an actual concept which when used with things like a wide indoors open space could make a warehouse or even used indoors a workshop to store completed items etc…
Yours is good but it seems too “raw” for my liking if you get what i mean.
Besides i have had numerous issues with placing and picking up items, countless times with various builds. Also you have a bunch of items you cant return for wood after.
Just my 2 cents

I don’t mean that either one is better or worse. I was just commenting that the tools we have now allow us to do this type of thing much easier.


yeah the introduction of the slab tool is a game changer. I admire your creativity though. Is certainly a nice method and being able to work with the tools given at the time is great.
Of course all this will be irrelevant once team Rad implement a core system to handle it.
I did forget to mention in the video though that this can be templated and copied various times.

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Interesting… as things are now, goblins go for the nearest items. How does height play into their decision?

In other words, would they go for my top-shelf gold ingots or for some berries on the ground level?

If, say the ground level had everything centered and nothing on the outside edges of the stockpile, but the shelves above it were packed to the brim, would they go for those, based on X,Z coordinates alone?

the goblins would go for items that were closest like you said but as the path was blocked to the items they would go straight into combat mode and the “thieve” goblins wouldn’t even show up.
They are happy to go to the top of the stockpile if there is nothing below, it just adds the height of the pile to the path to calculate the closest route.

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Why not delete/add supports on the other sides as well so it looks like shelves? Also, this would look nice inside a mountain storehouse, thogh you would have to excavate two leveles to fit it.

Yeah, ultimately its up to you how you do it. I’m working on a warehouse at the moment and will upload pics when its done but it takes time to finish

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Here is some more fleshed out uses of the technique. I will be uploading a how to video soon!

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