Stockpile Shelving - Good Idea?

Hi, I don’t know if this topic has been discussed, but I feel that the current stockpile system is… well… large and messy. I would suggest using something similar to the scaffolding system for construction to create stockpile shelves. Instead of the worker just placing an item in a stockpile, they would place it on a wooden shelf in the stockpile. As the stockpile becomes filled, a worker would then build additional shelves on top of the first tier of shelves.

This in my opinion makes total sense. I currently have a village with 11 villagers, and I have 13 stockpiles, in which 10 out of 13 are larger than 12x12, and they are almost completely full!!!

Besides, if real people have been doing it since the beginning of time, why cant my Stonehearth people? They deserve shelves too!!!

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hey there @Cody_Thomas welcome to the discourse :smile:

i like the idea, but just so you know, crates have been implemented in Alpha 11 :wink:

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Great idea but i would like to see a cupboard and a safe added.

I agree, along with bookshelves and such, which would fulfill the “shelving” bit, but at that point, we’re talking about the decorations thread, over here Poll: Decorations

Crates are great! But will they conserve much space?? a crate in the real world is just another box sitting on the ground…

small crates take up a 1x1x1 space, costs 1 wood, and can store 8 objects. they can stack as well. chests take up (iirc) 2x2x1 space, cost 1 leather and either 1 or 2 wood, and can store 16 objects. I don’t believe they stack, but they might? I haven’t really played with them yet. large crates take up a 2x2x2 space (8 cubes), cost 2 wood, and store 32 objects. they can stack, just like small crates.

for efficiency’s sake, small crates are your best bet, as 8 small crates in a 2x2x2 pattern can store 64 objects, and I know you can stack at the very least 3 crates high and still be accessable to hearthlings, allowing at least 24 objects on any given x-y tile. that’s 24 times more efficient than a stockpile, which can only hold 1 object and must be “placed” on the ground.

that said, if you’re playing with a bunch of small crates, it’s best to set them as permanent storage. the good thing about crates is that you can move them, with everything inside. small crates have a higher efficiency than large crates, but have a smaller flat max, and you will need to carry 4x the number of crates you would when moving crates with small crates as you would with large crates. also, each small crate costs 1 wood, 4 crates gives the same storage as a large crate, but costs 4 wood as opposed to large crates, which cost 2. also, crafting time - since crafting time is based solely on the hearthling’s ability, and not on the object, 1 small crate and 1 large crate take just as long to craft as each other. when crafting in bulk, you can craft more storage with large crates than with small crates, albeit with a deficit in space efficiency. also, each and every small crate is a separate stockpile. you will need to modify each and every filter manually, just as you would a normal stockpile. with a 20x20 stockpile you can store 400 items with only messing with the filter 1 time. the same storage in large crates, you’ll need to mess with settings 13 times, using up 52 tiles in space (2x26, 4x13, no space required between them). the same storage in small crates, assuming you don’t stack them on top of one another, would require you to mess with 50 filters, and take up 50 tiles of space with 1x50 and 2x25, but more space for any other configuration due to needing to be accessable on at least one side (you can only set up crates 2 wide, any more and the middle crate/s can’t be reached by hearthlings. 1 crate wide if you set it up against a wall). naturally you would want to stack them, only taking up 17 tiles of space.

tl;dr for space efficiency, small crates are the most efficient, at 8 blocks per block, and can stack at least 3 times, providing 24 blocks per tile (I haven’t tested higher stacks). resource, time, carrying, and managing/filter-wise, though, large crates are easier to deal with. regardless of which you prefer, crates are far, far superior to stockpiles. you will find yourself quickly switching from stockpiles to crates.

well, though I say that, stockpiles aren’t useless - crates need to be placed, and placing has a higher priority than anything except harvesting for workers (and maybe even harvesting). stockpiles can be created and destroyed instantly anywhere there is air on top of a solid surface. and it takes no resources or time to craft. you’ll still use stockpiles for anywhere that’s not right next to your carpenter’s shop or that doesn’t need immediate or permanent stock. hell, I use a stockpile for my carpenter’s shop because it lets me see at a glance what I have available to use, and I don’t have to go digging through crates or my town inventory to see how much I have of what.

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I love crates.

(I actually stayed up 40 minutes past when I’d normally go to sleep just to talk about crates, so yes, so much that it’s keeping me up at night lol)

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