Mass Storage Barns/ Warehouses?

So I was playing Stonehearth, was building up some resources, trading with the guys that come by, stockpiling resources, building some buildings, chopping down trees in an ever bigger area and bringing back the wood, defeating the goblins, bringing their loot back to my camp, and gathering up some more resources…

Before I realized it, my camp looked like this:

Can you make some sort of stacked storage buildings? As in putting voxels of resources on top of each other and storing in 3D space instead of just laying it out on the ground. At this point I feel like a hoarder, but I know I’ll need all this wood for upcoming projects… SEND HELP D:

There’s no current method implemented in the game to condense storage, unfortunately (just dropping items on the floor–no crates or barrels yet). I believe it might be possible to at least create shelves using the slab tool for vertical storage–I assume this is what you’re asking? I haven’t played for a little while, so I’m not entirely certain if this works (and what would be the best method/formula).

Perhaps someone whose looked at the current release might be able to confirm this?

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It’s planned, just not any time soon. Check their Trello for updates on what they’re working on.

This has been able to be done for a while.

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That’s what I figured–thanks for the confirmation.

To be fair, the manual shelving is a little clunky and looks pretty bad, I can’t wait for crates or an equivelant :frowning: