Stockpiles and AI

I think you have to be that specific about the stockpiles composition.

Imagine that you have a surplus of wheat in your kingdom. Then you open a new stockpile near a logging site to store newly cut timber.
Before you know it your new stockpile would fill with the excess wheat and have no room left for the timber.

So… the solution is to have a single wheat stockpile near the farm (or mill, baker) and exclude wheat from the other stockpiles used for construction material.

true, but i think the issue is with how granular (pun sort of intended) the distinction becomes… will we have individual stockpiles for the 5 variants of wheat we can grow (im just making that up as an example, mind you), or would there just be one stockpile for all wheat types…

and I think that it will work both ways. If you JUST want a “wheat” stockpile, make one for all kinds of wheat. Say that “Wheat X” gives some special bonus when made into cake rather than bread, well you can put that in its own stockpile. It makes sense given the context of what we have seen so far (the farming game, etc) with choosing how complex you go. If I want to have everything in its own stockpile in alphabetical order by type. I can, while if someone else just wants a massive stockpile with everything in it, they can do that too. (there is the middle ground as well, where some stuff is super granular, and some stuff you just let sit wherever)

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The only things we know for sure in SH is that we have stockpiles for wood building materials and input/output stockpiles for the carpenter. :ok:
But I have an intensive knowledge of Gnomoria mechanics (been playing 100’s of hours since last year) and I think that Gnomoria is a game very close to SH apart from the graphics. They both deal with city building and crafting. :ok:

From these assumptions :arrow_double_up: I’d say that stockpile management will be an important part of the game.
You will want to be able to direct the traffic of your goods and raw materials efficiently. :twisted_rightwards_arrows: and using the SH vocabulary it will be a dispatch mini-game of itself.
If you want a simple solution then use a standard stockpile with everything and it will work at a basic level.
If you want more in depth process then go deeper into the stockpile mini-game and use different settings for different places in your city.
You are :free: to choose.

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