Steam Unstable UPDATED




Added Supply containers for most crafters. These containers can be configured to hold a single type of crafting resource and your Hearthlings will try to keep them full, so that your crafters can have a steady supply of raw materials.

Added Finished Work shelves to Carpenter, Potter, and Mason. These will only be used for newly made items, so that the crafter can get back to work while another idle Hearthling can take the item off to long-term storage or to be used in building decoration.

Remade Wolf animations

Fox has a new model and uses the Wolf rig

Added Hearthling Eye colors (not customizeable in embarkation yet) and facial animations

Shortened Potter crafting times to bring them in line with Carpenter

Clay bricks now have x3 stacks, so that constructing clay buildings is considerably faster

Made the Callous and Empathetic traits mutually exclusive

Fixed agriculture score not being calculated correctly when the game is loaded

Crafters drop their backpack contents before crafting so that if their previously crafted item was put away in their backpack, they’ll drop it before starting their next order

Trading Post Monument recipe no longer requires the unobtainable Fine Crate

Descriptions wrap in the unit frame, so they aren’t cut off with ellipsi…


Supply containers and work shelves, a wonderfull idea. Thanks a lot for them :smiley:

Have fun, Kyth


Funny and frustrating all at once.


Love the Face Expressions :smiley:


Yeah, I hate it when people don’t finish their


Eye color!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

… subtly deletes those files from her project


Tried A23 for the first time just a few days ago.
And I totally agree with the comments above, -I love the facial expressions and the implement of eye-colors! :smiley: :+1:

A23 looks great!


The shelves are amazing, something players have wanted for a long time. They perfectly add to both the aesthetics and functionality of the game.

I have to admit it’d be lovely if we could expect at least one new bit of “content” like this with every update, no matter how small!


Love it. Although the eyes are kind of freaking me out. So weird…especially after so long.


Ug…worst update ever! The shelves have completely messed me up! Now I need to restart my town AGAIN! And change all my building templates! Oh wait…those are some of my favorite things…I LOVE this update!


Yeah, Ugh, worst Update ever, makes me want to play the game again, for an extended period of time, Uuuugh…


Now that will be interesting to see - Will the crafter building templates be updated to include the resource/goods storage, with the correct settings applied? I have a feeling if so then the buildings need to all be made a little larger to accommodate it…


I love the new facial expressions they make and the added (cubemitter?)voxel symbols that emphasizes them :heart_eyes:. scratched voxel symbols off in my try to do list.

And I noticed the new combat animations for the wolf and the hearthlings when they fought.

Makes me just want to watch the hearthlings live their lives, idle, chat, and ignore that one gob that sneaks that berry basket off my stockpile :relaxed:~


Yeah all my building templates are a little bit bigger now :slight_smile: But i’m sorry…the blinking and what not still is freaking me out. It is like they are alive or something!!!


I went back to play Alpha1 for a little bit for next week’s Desktop Tuesday, and the old eyes already look haunted and kind of creepy to me. Progress!


LOL! I will admit that I didn’t read the release notes before loading it up today. And yes it freaked me out when I watched one of them blink for the first time. The animations are so much smoother too its realistic looking too…sorry Tom. You know we still love you and your game!


Now if we only had a “cooked food container” for dedicated eating areas. That would be so nice.

(I couldn’t play the the update yet, so I don’t know how these containers function, but from what I’m reading here, a food container could be made based on this.)


I love that there are more choices for stone crafters with the added containers.

I would love to have stone window frames. Still holding out for those.

I almost feel as if there’s not quite enough contrast between the wood details when I look at the doors and windows, especially at night. However I’ll wait to say it needs to be changed since the new lighting sytem may affect the way the colors look.

I absolutely adore the new storage and how things are displayed on the resource racks.

I love the new expressions, especially the closed eyes during sleep. The colored eyes still seem a bit weird but I’m sure I’ll adjust.

And finally, I hope that you bought Tom an extra barrel of cheese balls for removing so much of his cute little voxel art, you monsters. :wink:


I too would like a cooked food container. That would be so cool.

@Tom Did they give you some cheeseballs?


Oh my goodness I’d forgotten about the cheese balls! Nice throwback