Steam Unstable Branch Updated to Build 134

Gotta love Team Radiant! Cranking out updates like crazy.

The Goods

A whole mess of Bug Fixes

Things I’ve Noticed:

  • I personally have noticed the villager joining is fixed! Hurrah!
  • No morning error message for me.

wait… wha? Thursday night release?

I :heart: Team Radiant…

however, I do not care for these new emojis!


Woo, bug fixes :smiley: !

Glad to see I’m not the only one. These new ones… urgh. Just urgh.

Not sure it’s just r134 this happens in, I’ve often had the place item menu close during prior versions when placing several objects (just… didn’t think about making a bug report yet I guess :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Edit: For some reason this post has appeared above @Didis’ post directly below :confused: . Anyway, it’s a response to that one, WRT the place items UI closing itself.

The menu sometimes closes by himself. It’s not hard to reproduce. When you place an object and after place another object the menu closes and during this step at a moment, the menu will refresh and the next object you will place will close the menu.

It also happens in the previous release =P

any other changes?
BTW: is the quit to main menu working yet?


[Insert placeholder text here]

yeah, sorry about that! when the posts were moved here, the order got tossed around a bit for some reason… :confounded:

Those sound sliders, I almost missed them.