Steam Trading Cards!



OMG This is wonderful! How do you unlock them though? Do you have to be on stable release and/or playing ascendancy?

never really bothered with steam trading cards, but i’m pretty sure you get them by just playing the game, after awhile of having the game open you’ll get a card drop, or something like that…

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Card drops are based strictly on time in game. There is a set interval between drops.


What about achievements?

there aren’t achievements at the moment :disappointed_relieved: hopefully in the future though!

Awarded based on played time. You can get about half of the set this way. The rest should be bought from the market… or traded away from us fellow Hearthlings.
As for the cards… @Allie FTW. I got cuteness overload just from looking at them.
So far my favourite is… Varanus!
And what’s your favourite card?


as much as i want to like Ogo Skullbonker the most, i also have to go with the varanus as my favorite, it’s just so cute but menacing!

295 hour of play time already, when will i earn a card? :slight_smile: hehehhe

I only have 750 hours and no trading cards I wonder if they will be retro-active.

also wonder how to change the card into the badge so you can try and win 1 of the other 3 that you cannot earn trough gaming time?

Edit: just noticed steam getting refreshed and i have 3 cards. Guess i needed to start the game once :slight_smile:

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Woo, new cards to sell for a slight discount on other games :smiley: I’m not kidding, I’ve made £1.20 on them already…

oh ok I did get 2 but they are the same ones

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Who wants to trade steam cards? Because i want to get a full card pack!

Me too but I have to play more to get all three Stonehearth cards first.

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Every badge (a set of cards) can usually be collected up to 5 times. But you can always stop at 1 lvl badge.
As for duplicates, you can exchange them with other players on Steam or sell on the Market!

If you craft a lvl 5 badge, all the cards become permanently “unlocked” (you can watch the fullsize picture anytime even if you have no such cards).

Also, every time you craft a badge (collect a full set) you are awarded by a random smiley and a background (“wallpaper”) from the game. Them, you, too, can sell, buy or exchange with others.


What is your name on steam, mine is Blackpanther140

Already have the 3 that are given to you (guess from playtime) But there is no explaination how to get the other 3 :frowning:

@Geokhan How did you get the footman?

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if i’m not mistaken, to get a complete set of trading cards you either have to trade with other people, or purchase them from the market.

all card drops are random, so while one person might get the varanus, someone else might get the footman, or ogo skullbonker, and so on…

hope that helps/makes sense :slight_smile:

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