Steam Trading Cards & Stonehearth

I know the new steam trading card system is silly, that doesnt mean I don’t giggle with glee every time I get a card for a game (and have left games running just so I get the cards).

But the important question is… Will @Tom add trading cards as one of the features for the game on Steam, and when can I get my official @SteveAdamo Trading Card! (is the only card of value for a ‘Brother of Steve’ )

I would certainly love to have a Cthulhu card floating around somewhere in my inventory… I would love it even more if Steam turned this thing into a trading card game.

you’ve got me at a loss here… steam trading cards? i’ll have to do a little digging as im now intrigued…

patent pending, my brother… all in due time… :tongue:

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Was away from my computer just thinking that some may not know about the Steam Trading Card system. In short - developers can choose to add ‘trading cards’ to their games. There are typically 8 trading cards per game (and rare foil ones you can get too). By just playing the game - you can receive up to 4 unique cards (may receive some duplicates)

Once you receive your 4 by playing that specific game, you can no longer collect cards by just playing the game. To get new cards you can: Trade with your Friends, Receive a randomly gifted booster pack, or pay for a card on the marketplace. Buying cards is, of course, the easiest way of getting the one you are looking for. Players have the choice of selling their cards on the market - which typically go somewhere between .10 and .30 cents. Valve adds on a small percentage (typically .1 cent), and the game maker also gets a small percent (typically also .1 cent).

Once you have all 8 of the trading cards, you can craft a badge for your specific game which helps you ‘level’ your steam account… which is also a new feature.

So the intent of this thread should have been: If Stonehearth did have these Steam Trading Cards, what should the 8 cards be? As @ManOfRet mentioned, the Titans are an easy choice, or perhaps even Myr Burlyhands. What do you think?

agreed, these would be a given… and im flattered you would consider me among those prestigious ranks… :smile:

as for other cards, we would could have a Geomancer or Beastmaster

yea those trade cards are silly but also cool at he same time. I made 1,40 euro by just selling cards from a game I already had lol. I would love to have trading cards for Stonehearth.
One with a village might be cool too.

There have been several things lately.
One such thing is Stonehearth anniversary on Steam. Another one is that @Allie Strom was introduced to the SH community.
Both of these news make me wonder: will we see Stonehearth cards for Steam? I think it’s a perfect opportunity to showcase some of Allie’s works.