Steam Summer Sales!

Having just made a fairly hefty purchase myself, I was just wondering what everyone else has been getting themselves?

For anyone interested I got:

  • Pool Nation (I’m a fairly large pool and snooker fan, wish I had an irl pool table (one day) but this game looked pretty cool)
  • Magicite (see NorthernLion for a playthrough on a cool resource-based rogue-like with a heavy crafting element)
  • Mirror’s Edge (why not :P)
  • EUIV Extreme Edition (as a strategy game fan, I have been eagerly eyeing up EUIV for a while and it’s currently half price!)
  • Spelunky (love me a good rogue-like)
  • 1001 Spikes (love me a horribly infuriating platformer)
  • Super Meat Boy (see above)
  • Electronic Super Joy (loved what soundtrack I heard and do enjoy music-based games)
  • 140 (and I love them even more when the gameplay revolves around the music and rhythm)
  • Soundodger+ (see above)
  • BIT.TRIP.Runner 2 Good Friends Character Pack (already have the game but apparently didn’t pick up the DLC for some reason)
  • A preorder for Grid: Autosport (enjoy driving games, haven’t a pure driving game ever and this just looks so sick, can’t wait for it to come out this month)

Total: £85.14 :neutral_face: considering I want to preorder Destiny too, I may need a summer job…

Also, pink team for da winz! :slight_smile:


I just got Riptide. Is the same game as Dead island… just add horde mode… not saying that’s a bad thing tho.

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I’ve been watching these flash sales like a hawk… some ridiculously good deals, and the bundles yesterday were insane!

as it happens, I purchased Rogue Legacy about 3 hours before it went on a flash sale… I was a bit bummed, but I only missed about $3 in savings… I’ve certainly played my $7 worth already! :smile:


Me and my buddy got the napoleon mod for mount and blade for about a £1.50. I laughed so hard I cried for a good hour. Value!


I forgot to mention actually, for my £30 pre-order of Grid: Autosport it gave me DiRT Showdown for free, a £20 game. So in a way, I just paid £10 for an AAA title and got free DLC. Dat value. :slight_smile:

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See this is how EA should work。

I’m torn on EA.

On the one hand, you have SimCity which had ridiculously priced DLCs to add very little content tbh. And the FIFA World Cup was an absolute joke, £40 for something I’m pretty sure you could just set up on FIFA anyway? No thanks.

That said, it doesn’t actually affect me that they released some other FIFA World Cup game if I have no desire for it, and they released the World Cup FUT for free which was pretty cool. And their mobile games, for me, give them some credibility. Simpsons Tapped Out has plenty of pay-to-get content, but they regularly update with more stuff that you can get for free as well. Plus regular events to get limited edition stuff. Plenty of development is put into something that I don’t pay one penny for :blush: Real Racing 3 is another example, I’m about a quarter of the way through it so I don’t know for sure, but it certainly seems like completing the entire game without paying is perfectly viable.

I would agree that £40 every year for the new FIFA is a bit ridiculous, and that there are definite ways around needing to update it for the new players and moves etc., I don’t think EA is all that bad, and I don’t quite get why they are in particular targeted. :stuck_out_tongue: (not having a go at you in particular, there seems to be a running joke about them through the entire forum and it seems quite a standard thing for people to have a dig at)

I bought Skyrim, Bioshock Infinte (yeah, I might be the one percent kind that didn’t own those two games) and I’m enjoying them so far.

Btw, Mirror’s Edge is such a great game, really, one of my favourites, I’m expecting the second one to come out.

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wow, borderlands 2 and kingdom of amalur (sp?) for $5 each… :cold_sweat:

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I’m just waiting to get a sudden 200$ to spend on games, then my wish list will be completely destroyed, being about twenty games as it is. Still don’t know why the original Xcom is on the list, but it won’t let me remove it, and it’s also only 5$ normally, so why not.

I just bought Brothers - A tale of two sons. It has very good reviews and it was cheap so I ended up buying it. Anyone has it?

I do not… but the reviews were certainly very positive, and the premise looks interesting… give it a go, and let us know what you think! :smile:


So having preordered Grid: Autosport, I have since come across Next Car Game.


I don’t have the money and nor do I feel like I can buy another car game so soon, but seriously, wut. The game comes from the guys behind the Flatout franchise and is, quite frankly, just an upgraded, up-to-date version, meaning though racing modes are also available (and good ones at that), prepare yourselves for 24-man demolition derby carnage.

Though perhaps describing it as an up-to-date version doesn’t quite do it justice - from the trailers, the engine looks incredible. The top reviews were hinting at things such as best car/racing engine ever, potential game of the year, and the thing is, it’s still Early Access, yet the comments only mentioned that in justifying the lack of current tracks (4 race tracks and 3 demolition derby tracks, with more in the pipeline). I don’t know what they’re going to do between now and full release aside from that, but this game could be shaping up to be incredible.

Even if you don’t fancy buying it, the trailers for it are pretty fantastic and I suggest checking them out. It’s just came off sale, however I’m sure it will go back on one at some point, and I’m certainly looking to pick it up then. But don’t worry if you aren’t, I’ve tossed a suggestion on the Hat Films subreddit, so if you want to see it without getting it, keep your eyes peeled.

/rampantfanboyism :slight_smile:


if nerd cubed is to be believed (and why shouldn’t he, he’s awesome!), the game is basically the second coming… for car smash-em-up fans… :smile:


Just realized something, if anyone wants Farcry 3, it’s cheaper to buy it through the Franchise pack, than to buy it on it’s own… lol also just spent 170$ in about 5 hours

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wow, Banished for $10… perhaps my delaying the inevitable has finally come to an end? :smile:


I found this interesting news article from PCGamer, and it seems that the SSS Competition is rigged.

This means that the people who have won, really aren’t deserving of winning.

Here is the article.

I bought Dishonored. I was really wanting to get my hands on it, and when I saw it was 75% off… it was an instant decision. I’m loving it so far.

As for the Brothers game I’m also loving it, I can say I made great purchases this sale. The only thing I regret is not having a controller, it would be much easier to control, both the Brothers game and Dishonored.


I think i’m grabbing this and banished… and probably 1 or 20 more… le sigh

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Well, they rigged it in a good way, cycling through the colours … seems pretty fair to me!

There’s a good overview thread on Reddit each day, here’s today’s one:

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