Steam latest updated to release 729

We continue working on conversations and a bunch of engine stuff!

Improvements in this Release
Updated SFML to latest. This is our sound library, so if you see weirdness with sounds, file a bug! Also, this fix is supposed to help Symantec, Avast, and other antivirus not flag SFML as problematic (even though we know it’s safe) so if your antivirus is having trouble with it or with Stonehearth, let us know (and then let them know it’s a false positive). Thanks to Justin for his incredible work on this very weird not-bug.

Added support for arbitrary window aspect ratios. You can now play the game at 4k resolution, or in a tiny window the size of your calculator. Or vertically, without any black bars. This was a side benefit of the work Max did to reduce fuzziness in conversations bubbles but we’re very happy to have it. Unfortunately, all our monitors are the same size,

so please go try it on a bunch of different machines and tell us how it works for you!
Added UI scaling to support higher resolutions.

Added the empathetic trait. Empathetic hearthlings are really sensitive to the mood of the town, and it always seems to rub off on them. Yay, more conversation traits!

Bug Fixes
Fixed hearthlings starting with less than the minimum number of total attribute points (combined mind/body/spirit) on the customization screen. E.g., hearthlings with 1/1/1 stats.

Fixed shepherded animals having a mood icon above their heads.


Very cool stuff! I can’t wait to play!

I hope everyone enjoys this fix for the UI. How cool is to play without the black bars! :smile:

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I actually just had an amazing experience with this. Split my screen to look at something while playing, and it scaled perfectly, no longer looking like crap. Tell whoever did this thank you for me.

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It was @max99x who did it :slightly_smiling_face:


See, you can’t tell the new guy he did a good job. Then it’ll go to his head, productivity will go down, just a whole list of disasters. So sorry @max99x, it’s a horrible idea that didn’t work and no one likes. Gotta do better man. That’s a joke btw. Great job man,Keep pumping out the great ideas.

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My only problem with the UI is that these buttons now repeat for a few pixels.

I’m in maximized window with 1366 x 728 screen size.