Steam Latest Updated to release 650

Alpha 18… so… close…
Time to move things to the release branch in preparation for going to stable.

Here’s what you’ll find in this edition:


  • Modding: You can now not specify a resource for renewable resource node and only specify a loot table
  • Modding: You can now specify a harvester effect for renewable resource nodes
  • The Promotion Tree’s unavailable job icons are now black and white
  • Added red clay peaked roof
  • Added Weaver and Potter house building templates for Rayya’s Children

Bug Fixes

  • Roof margins now rotate
  • Fixed containers not being able to stack on top of each other
  • Fixed hearthlings not showing up in bed ownership menu
  • Fixed bug that occasionally caused the stockpile filters window OK button to be unable to be clicked during the stockpile tutorial step
  • Adjust UI visuals of some tutorial windows
  • Reduce harvest tool box max size from 80 to 50 to discourage deforesting in large chunks

I think from a UX perspective I would prefer a max # of individual concurrent harvest actions. Maybe have the selection box turn a different color when too many are selected, or fail to mark anything as to be harvested then throw an error dialog that explains why.

As a new player, if the selection size max is limiting me, I would most likely just select the same amount of stuff in smaller batches and complain about the size limitation. But, if I’m told I can only mark 10 things at any one time, I’ll at least understand the reason better.

“To help improve game performance, the maximum number of concurrent items to be harvested is X. We hope to be able to increase or remove this limitation in a future update.”



While i sgree, that may be a little complicated or not flexible enough?

Cbecause if a player has a large plot of renewable resources (say, wild silk-weed) doesn’t thay count as a harvest action? If the cap was 20 and the player had a plot of 5x6 (including bushes and stuff) that would mean tha player would have to do it multiple times, and if we were to specify a cap for each type of harvest, that’ll just be a hastle for modding in such resources

I think the intent for the size cap is to just avoid mindless deforestation, so the player drags a large chunk(one capped one) and say “that’ll do!” Which often is just one maxed out plot, decreasing it will set that “that’ll do” mind to that size, at-least i hope so


There are multiple reasons for limiting the selection size.
-Game pace
-Random events?

With fewer selections there will be less of an impact to lower end systems. The perceived game pace will be more rapid. New players not being familiar with the AI are likely to over-select and over-assign tasks for the AI to complete. When the AI has too many tasks assigned it may feel unresponsive to player input and the game will have more extended periods of waiting for further player input. This leads to bad first impressions and community feedback for new adapters of the game.

To me this is a logical change and hints that the direction that Stonehearth is starting to head towards is more focused on player decision making in reaction to events rather than preparing for them. So more of a- “game presents situation and player reacts play by play”- instead of a lot of downtime planning and hoarding for anything and everything when the next wave of predictable events begin which can be unsurprising, not very difficult, and not very fun for the player. This makes sense if there are plans for a higher variety and quality of events that are different in the response required by the player where excessive planning could have downsides. Planning for some kind of random event system to be implemented in the future perhaps or for when things have unforeseen consequences like in quests or sieges.

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But isn’t that the whole point of difficult levels? Sometimes players want a really intense game and at other times they just want a casual one. I don’t think selection size makes a big difference either way


Awesome we can stack containers again :smiley:


For Translators:


  •      },
      "building_templates": {
         "pottery_studio": {
            "display_name": "Pottery Studio"
         "weavers_hut": {
            "display_name": "Weaver's Hut"
         } -> added


  •      opacity: 0.5; -> changed


  •                  "description": "Direct hearthlings with combat jobs into battle! Promoted combat units are automatically added here.", -> changed
  •                  "required_job_text": "Requires a combat job" -> changed
  •            "021": "You can disable a combat unit's job in the Citizens panel to force them to take a rest from fighting.", -> changed
  •            "red_clay_peaked_roof": "A peaked roof made of Baker's Chocolate and New Amber colored clay with Bistre colored wood" -> added
  •            "description": "For making symmetrical clay goods" -> changed
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Sorry, what I meant by harvest action is one harvest command placed on one object. So if the limit is, let’s say, 10 concurrent actions, and I select more than 10 objects in a single click-and-drag, that could trigger my aforementioned error dialog.

This method could mean that the click-and-drag size could be unlimited, but the quantity of resulting concurrent commands would be limiting factor. Just a different, and arguably (possibly) less confusing/frustrating way to accomplish the same thing.

For the record, regardless of the implementation, I definitely support the decision to limit this.

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i started a new rayyas game and have no access to the new building templates. Shouldnt they be available at the beginning (camp category) (i also thought the Rayyas currently havent promotion buildings, so no town level is available, right?).
bug or feature? :confused:

you must first have the job ^^ so potter to unlock potter house and weaver for the weaver house

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ok, this makes sense, somehow.
Imho the building template should be “greyed out” with showing the conditions for “unlocking” them.
thanks for solving my confusion (just started the a new game and want to look at the new building template)


to bad there is still no update for a fix on the water issue’s

Are these updates only available for Steam purchases? I purchased through humble bundle and would love the update for the fixes and new house templates.

Humble bundle does get updates, but at a much slower rate than Steam. This is due to the mechanism each system uses for updates - Steam can be done by the team directly and “instantly”, humble bundle requires the humble bundle team to process the update and thus takes far more time. As such, the team only updates Humble Bundle with the major releases.

On a side note, if you have access to the game via Humble Bundle, you should have access to a Steam key if you want to get access to the more frequent builds.