Steam Latest Updated to develop 2871

Moar fixes for Alpha 15 on our Steam unstable branch!

Keep those bug reports coming….

Here’s what you’ll find in this release:

  • Fix for farmers not replanting after harvesting.
  • Fix for full storage containers not being reconsidered when an item is taken out, which means the containers are never refilled after item is taken out.
  • Get rid of free-standing columns when in xray mode.
  • Fix bug where furniture could not be placed on upper levels of in-progress buildings.
  • Fix hitching when starting and stopping the follow path mover consecutively. Also enable path visualization when chasing entities.
  • Fix for a edge case where crop’s harvestable flag was off from growing component’s growth stage, making the crop appear harvestable but it actually was not.
  • Prevent pathfinder renderer from generating a lot of garbage every time it updates the path. Fixes a huge memory leak when debug paths are turned on.
  • Fix wait encounters (e.g. crypt spawn necromancer) being triggered again in a loaded game.
  • Backwards compatibility for wall roofs.
  • Roofs walls now do not fill holes in floors.
  • Destroy orphaned bait traps.
  • Fix get_contiguous_regions bug.
  • Speed up camp placement by 10x.
  • Fix inventory-related save/load issues.
  • Improved logging for AI issues.
  • Added resource counts to template screen and building summary screen.