Steam Latest Updated to develop-3092

As always when we’re into the “improve and fix” part of an upcoming Alpha release, you can expect more frequent builds over the next couple of weeks. Develop-3092 is the first update to last week’s initial release of Alpha 18 on our Steam Latest (unstable) branch.

And no, Alpha 18 Still Does Not Have a Name. Though we’re thinking “Bob” has a nice ring to it.

Here’s what’s new in this release:

Updates We Forgot to Mention in Previous Release Notes

The Farmer now has more reason to level up! Farmer progression includes unlocking more crops with each new level, as well as unlocking new trade options at Level 6. With a Master Farmer, chance trade encounters will include traders who will bring exotic seeds from distant lands, unlocking crops from other factions for you to grow.


  • Updated Yawn animation to look less like ‘excited’
  • Added Emote_Concerned animation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed one instance of game crashing while hitting shift+F5
  • Better support for destroying instabuild structures
  • Fixed a hearthling path generation issue
  • Fixed goblin wolf collars floating
  • Remove the “Max Height” option on flat roofs because it was never supported and should not even be there

I think giving all of the Updates a name of People would be Awesome! you know people who have supported you! For Instance all those who gifted from KickStarter, or those people who you would like to give a Shout-out to as a HEY THANKS!

Anybody remember Titan AE?


No? Just me, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


For Translators:

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