Steam and Hydro Electric Power and Automation


Please remember if it’s not in the main game, you can’t count for it to be implemented when a mod has it. Some people might not want or are able to play the mod in questions that’s needed for the resource. From the devs/modders viewpoint this is important.


Do you know if the old water mod’s methods would still work for that? It’s from way back before water was even “turned on” in the game; the original point of the mod was just to bring the pre-released water from the code into the terrain generation… so it’s quite possible that those older methods/handles don’t exist anymore.

But that mod did add sources, sinks, and even the option to set the colour of the water flowing out of the source. So if any of that tech still works, it would definitely be an interesting place to start.

That said, with the newer bugs introduced into the water system which pop up when two water bodies merge, it’s probably better to wait for @Albert to finish his current round of experimentation and dev work before we get too crazy with water experiments. And, you know, hopefully he’ll take some inspiration from this thread and make sure we have the tech required to move water around ASAP… heheh :stuck_out_tongue:


The old water “mod” was a sham that just toggled the water on and added a few entities that used the (not-yet-done) hydrology service as well as the coloring. I don’t think the hydrology service has changed much in that regard; the methods to create or remove water probably still exist.