Steam, Alpha 16

I don’t seem to be able to update to 16 … still on build (develop 2972) … tried uninstalling and reinstalling … didn’t help. Any idea whats going on?

develop 2972 is A16 :slight_smile:

edit: although i guess it still does say its “stonehearth 0.15.0 (develop 2972)”… @sdee perhaps that should be changed…

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or that patch notes could include the build# =p

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normally they do, but this was the first “stable” release of A16 so i guess they forgot… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just a mislabeling. 2972 is Alpha 16.
We’ll be putting out an update tomorrow which will contain a correction to the labeling.


was looking for this post to see if 2972 is the stable 16