[Dev Blog ]Steam-latest branch updated to develop-2391



yay another one!


Just two days between patches and major fixes listed… I just want to know what brand of coffee the devs are drinking because they certainly aren’t sleeping.


“Fixed undead spawning in peaceful mode games.”

Okay, time to get inventing again.


I wanna play alpha 16 but…
No clue how… but my game isnt updating from alpha 15 to 16
i have it on steam so it should auto update. but its not doing anything.

When i let steam check for updates its says that its already the lastest update.
but when i start the game its alpha 15



do you have this checked off?


Oh wow yes i did…
Checked everything but forgot to check the “Beta tab”

Thx a lot for the fast respond Simica_Na


@EsnirGamer no problem, hope it all works out for you!