HELP for some reason mine isnt Alpha 16

Can someone comment below on how to fix my version because mine wont update to Alpha 16 from Alpha 15 PLEASE HELP I WANT TO PLAY HARDCORE MODE!!!1

(Yes I do know how updates work on steam but it doesn’t have one requested or it didn’t automatically do it for me)

Alpha 16 still in early testing and is basically an beta version of the alpha. Expect even more bugs than you are used to, updates could potentially be game breaking during this phase.

If you want to help test it and deal the major issues though you need to enable it on in Steam:

Go to your library
Right click on Stonehearth
Select “Properties” at the bottom
Go to the “Betas” tab at the top of the properties window
Select “latest -Latest build. Minimally Tested”

This should then download the latest test alpha build for you

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When you say gamebreaking are you saying that my game could be at risk of corruption and i wouldnt be able to play it.

Not that bad, just there could be aspects that are introduced that would stop you progressing.

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Feel free to give it a go, you can always turn it off and go back to the released alphas if you find extra bugs to much to tolerate

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