Stealth in game?

Is any kind of a stealth + stealth detection going to be included. I think it would enhance the game but will there maybe be a thief or assassin class among the combat classes in the box? It may be difficult to mod this in if its not. There are bad guy ninjas but that doesn’t have to mean stealth.

As far a know there is no stealth in the game.

Its not announced. I am merely saying should there be? Would it improve gameplay? I think dark templars were awesome but some people might not like it as a mechanic.

are there any announced stealth classes? no… do i want to see something along those lines… absolutely… how would they be integrated into the current SH design? not a clue… :wink:

There are no announced playable stealthy type classes although I think they mentioned at some point being able to steal from npcs so maybe? Ninja is announced as bad guys which may or may not be sneaky?

my apologies, i must have missed that… was it mentioned during a livestream?

if they intend to include ninjas (yes please, by the way) it stands to reason there could be an element of stealth… but in general, stealth + RTS is difficult to blend… it all depends on the degree of stealth you’re looking for i suppose… :slight_smile:

It was a stretch goal.

"Pirates, Ninjas and Politicians: Your wealthy, thriving communities will draw the attention of the dread Order of Applied Equivocation. Unlike the straightforward aggression of goblins and trolls, these new enemies will cheat, kidnap, and blackmail their way into your citizen’s homes… and coffers.

A secret panel in the dead merchant’s desk reveals a cheerful crest chased with the following motto: The OAE: Backstabbing You for Our Better Tomorrow."

The only thing I remember from like a Q+A I think they said politicians demand gold or they might bring an attack force and one of the others was likely to kidnap? Not positive I would have to relisten.

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well, color me embarrassed for missing an entire stretch goal! yes, i believe its time for me to call it a night… :wink:

At first, the stealth seemed a bit hopeful and distant, but once you mentioned that it could be incorporated into a thief or assassin class, it seemed a lot more possible. By the sheer amount of advertising the developers are doing on the large amount of classes in the game, I’m practically expecting a thief or assassin to be in the beta!

Love you username fyi :slight_smile:

I agree, stealth assassinations should totally be a thing.